Friday, October 2, 2015

Twin Birth Story: Megan B

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Megan B

Where do you currently live?  
Indianapolis, IN

How far along were you when you found out you were expecting twins6 weeks

Any issues during your pregnancy? 
My girls were IUI babies. We had no problems conceiving our daughter (now 6). I was diagnosed with cervical cancer when she was 2 and a half. After treatment/surgery we were cleared to start trying again. We conceived after 4 months and we lost the baby at 9 weeks. After that my body shut down. A year later and numerous rounds of clomid, we still weren't pregnant. We went to see a great fertility specialist in Indy and got pregnant on our first try. He assured us that we would only get pregnant with one baby. He didn't want me carrying more than one because of my compromised cervix from the surgery. The fertility specialist, OBGYN, and my oncologist were all certain I would be on bed rest with a cerclage by 18-20 weeks. I carried both of my girls to 36 weeks without a problem.

Looking back, what is one thing you would tell your pregnant self? Relax. They will come when they are ready. They will sleep when they are ready. They will eat when they are hungry. You're a good mom.

How many weeks/days were you when your twins were born? 36 weeks, 1 day

Baby A's Information:  
Lauren Margaret

January 14, 2014 
3:37 pm 5 lbs 12 oz 
19.25 in

Baby B's Information: 
Caroline Susan

January 14, 2014 
3:38 pm 5 lbs 13 oz 
19 in

Are your twins identical? No

Did you have a c-section or natural delivery? I am a 2nd grade teacher and was at work when I went into labor. I knew the girls would be a c-section because they were both feet first. I reluctantly returned from winter break and welcomed my kiddos back. School started at 8:25 and I was in labor by 11. I realized I was having contractions (5 minutes apart) while working with a small group. I called the doctor and they told me to get to the hospital. I arrived at noon and the contractions were 2 minutes apart. They monitored me for about and hour and then prepped for the c-section.

Any NICU time?  If yes, for what reason and how long?  No

Did you have any complications after delivery? None

How long did you stay in the hospital? 3 nights

Did your twins stay with you or the hospital nursery at night? First night with me. The other nights in the nursery.

What are three things you are so glad you had (or wish you would have had) at the hospital? Chapstick

Blankets for the babies (it was a brutal winter in Indy and the sleep sacks were massive on them) My pillow from my bed.

Describe one of your favorite moments while you were at the hospital:  The greatest moment was when my then 5 year old came in with my husband and met her sisters for the first time. 

If you had one piece of advice you could give an expecting mom of twins, what would it be? Don't listen to the haters. Everyone has a story about twins or someone they know who has twins or moans about multiples and how much it would suck. Even after they are born people want to tell you horror stories or make crappy comments. Don't listen. Everyone has a different experience. Having two is great. They have an instant best friend and playmate. Is it hard? Absolutely! Is it any harder than one? I didn't think so. Try to enjoy it. Time goes so quickly.

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  1. I love your one piece of advice. I hate when people tell me (mother of 17-mo-old g/g twins). "I couldn't do it." Yes you could! And you'd LOVE it!