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Twin Birth Story: Nicole Conte

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Nicole Conte

Where do you currently live?  
Montevallo, AL

How far along were you when you found out you were expecting twins
5 weeks- We had done IVF and found out both embryos implanted on our first ultrasound!

Any issues during your pregnancy? 
I had a few small things like lower back pain initially, but overall had a fairly smooth and uneventful pregnancy. However about week 30, the swelling starting which was the starting point for my Preeclampsia. I ended up being admitted to the hospital for high blood pressure, excruciating headache, and seeing spots at week 33.

Memorable/funny moment when you were pregnant: The most memorable thing about my pregnancy was the fact I never had once ounce of sickness or nausea.

A funny story happened one Sunday when I woke up with nothing but donuts on the brain. My hubby had left early that morning for the Fire Station and when I walked in the kitchen.... NO DONUT BOX. There were 4 left last night and after looking in the fridge and pantry, I started to panic. I called my sweet loving husband at 7 am and my first words were... "WHERE ARE THE DONUTS?" He tried to be funny and say, "Oh, you mean MY donuts?" In a hysterical crying fit I accused him of taking all the donuts. He said to me..."Are you CRYING?!?" Look in the microwave!" There sat my last 2 donuts. I promptly hung up on him, ate my donuts, went to church and asked for forgiveness!! haha!

Looking back, what is one thing you would tell your pregnant self? Enjoy every second of your time with your husband during this pregnancy. Life gets so crazy and hectic when the twins arrive so relish the downtime you have together.

How many weeks/days were you when your twins were born? 34 weeks exactly

Baby A's Information:  
Saylor Joy

July 3, 2014 7:49 am 4.11 lbs 181/2 in

Baby B's Information:  
Everly Grace

July 3, 2014 7:50 am 4.6 lbs 18 in

Are your twins identical? No they are fraternal.

Did you have a c-section or natural delivery?  My doctor and I agreed that a c-section was the way we wanted to deliver from the beginning. I did not want to risk having to deliver one and then having to still do a c-section if the other turned. I am SO glad I chose the c-section. I did not have to experience any labor pains, the surgery itself was super quick and painless. Even the recovery was very smooth and I felt pretty much back to normal in about a week or so.

Any NICU time?  If yes, for what reason and how long?  Yes unfortunately. Both girls were taken directly to the NICU due to their size and how early they were. Both had episodes where they would stop breathing for a few seconds and that was the main reason they stayed for 13 days.

Having babies in the NICU is extremely hard and an emotional rollercoaster, however it can also be a blessing in disguise. Those 13 days allowed me to heal, rest, and learn from the amazing NICU nurses! The night before they were released, we were able to stay with them in the hospital while the NICU nurses monitored. It gave us the chance to get used to caring for premies by ourselves.

Did you have any complications after delivery? None! I had a very smooth recovery after my c-section. I really took advantage of the fact that I had the ability to rest while my girls were in the NICU so I think that really helped my recover faster.

How long did you stay in the hospital?
4 days

What are three things you are so glad you had (or wish you would have had) at the hospital? 
1. A huge basket of snacks! Hospital food is not great so I loved having this giant basket of all our favorite snacks and drinks to munch on! 2. My own blanket and pillow to make that hospital bed feel more like home. 3. Yoga Pants and Tank Tops!! I got out of that hospital gown as soon as I could and it really helped me to feel more human to be in my regular clothes.

Describe one of your favorite moments while you were at the hospital:  The day we were being discharged I woke up and got everything ready to go. We went down for our morning visit to the NICU to see the gals. Up to this point, we had only been able to hold the babes while they were wrapped up in blankets to maintain their temperatures. For some reason on this day, the nurse asked me if I wanted to nurse Everly. I was shocked and very nervous but I said, yes of course! Up until this point I had just been trying to pump in my room and was getting NOTHING. It was very frustrating. She unwrapped Ev and handed the tiny little fuzzy headed girl over to me where I placed her on my chest skin to skin for the first time. Very unexpectedly, I broke down in tears... My hubby asked me what was wrong and I said, "I've been waiting so long to hold her like this." It was the sweetest moment ever.

If you had one piece of advice you could give an expecting mom of twins, what would it be? 
Take advantage of all the help that people offer you. It's going to be harder and sweeter than you ever imagined but you will need breaks. Don't feel guilty for taking time for yourself now and then and letting someone else take over. We had so many people that provided meals, cleaned the house, took the girls so my hubby and I could have a date night. For me, accepting this help made me feel more like a human and less like a crazed zombie mom! haha!

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