Sunday, September 20, 2015

Fall Fashion for G/G Twins

In March it was all about spring fashion for B/G, B/B, and G/G twins.  Now that fall is (practically) here, I  thought it'd be fun to do it again.  As always, there are a few rules: Each G/G twin mom had to choose a different store and absolutely every piece had to come from that store.  Head to toe.  Moms don't have a lot of time to shop at several stores or spend hours scouring the internet, so my hope is we could show you some great coordinated looks that require one quick stop or only one shipping fee (because, let's be honest, shipping fees are THE WORST).

Here we go!

Name: Kayla Beck
Store: Nordstrom
TwinsEmmy & Elsa, 3.5 years
Favorite ShopsGap, Old Navy, Matilda Jane
We love ruffles and bows!
Girl 1: Headband | Top | Cardigan | Jeans | Boots
Girl 2: Top | Vest | Leggings | Boots | Headband

Name: Erika Eversvik
Store: Kohl's
TwinsHarper & Nevaeh, 9 months
Favorite Shops
Children's Place, Kohl's, and Zulily
I don't have a specific style for my girls, the weather is always changing in North Dakota, so we have to dress accordingly but always fashionable! They rarely leave the house without a bow on their head, and some cute shoes (even though they don't walk yet)! Their earring always match their outfit also! I love bright colors and prints! I love leggings and leg warmers, especially in the fall! Fall is my favorite season, because I can dress them in a cute sweater and boots everyday! I wish I could dress even half as cute as them! My favorite part about having twin Girls is dressing them up, and shopping! 

Girl 1: Top | Leggings | Boots
Girl 2: Top | Leggings | Boots

Name: Sarah Pazdziorny
Store: Mini Boden
Twins: Eleanor & Georgia, 6 months
Favorite Shops
Gap, Janie and Jack, and Nordstrom
They spent most of the summer in diapers because it was too hot for clothes!  All those perfect summer clothes went unworn in their dresser... Needless to say, I'm thrilled about the changing seasons and am excited to start their wardrobe over again!  I like to put them in matching or coordinating outfits when we do get them dressed, and usually choose things that are pretty, dainty, and girly!  My girls tolerate bows and headbands so far, and I love picking out their clothes every day.  Give me a pair of leggings, jeggings, or anything with ruffles, and I'm a happy momma!
Girl 1: Coat | Sweater | Pants | Boots
Girl 2: Coat | Dress | Tights | Boots

NameRebecca Pomazak
Store: Gap
Twins: Morgan & Isla, 2 years
Favorite Shops: Gap, Old Navy, Target, Crewcuts
For the most part, my identical girls have been sporting identical outfits since the day they were born. After they turned two, I started to experiment with coordinating outfits in order to encourage their individuality, especially as they begin their first "school" experience this month. Their wardrobe basically consists of items I would like to wear myself (which isn't hard considering we shop at most of the same stores!) But in true toddler fashion, my little dictators have become exceptionally opinionated about their ensembles and demand dresses most days. In order to accommodate the upcoming chilly Chicago temps, I've started stocking up on long-sleeved dresses, layering cardigans/vests and tights. For this look, I selected pretty pink dresses but added an edge with animal prints and booties. Duality for doubles!
Girl 1: Headband | Dress | Cardigan | Tights | Boots | Backpack
Girl 2: Headband | Dress | Vest | Tights | Boots

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