Thursday, September 24, 2015

Fall Fashion for B/G Twins

In March it was all about spring fashion for B/G, B/B, and G/G twins.  Now that fall is (practically) here, I  thought it'd be fun to do it again.  As always, there are a few rules: Each B/G twin mom had to choose a different store and absolutely every piece had to come from that store.  Head to toe.  Moms don't have a lot of time to shop at several stores or spend hours scouring the internet, so my hope is we could show you some great coordinated looks that require one quick stop or only one shipping fee (because, let's be honest, shipping fees are THE WORST).

Here we go!

Name: Elizabeth
Store: Janie and Jack
Twins: Caroline and Will,  2 years
Favorite Stores: Janie and Jack, Target, Gymboree, Gap, TJMaxx
Typically when it comes to dressing the twins, I stick with the classics. I love outfitting Caroline in girly dresses, tights, and always pair it with a matching headband or bow. Will usually sports a long sleeve polo or button down with a sweater and some corduroy pants. I don't always shop with the intention of finding coordinated outfits, I usually just buy what I love for each kid and then figure out the coordination later. If I am specifically looking for coordinated outfits, I love shopping at Janie and Jack and Gymboree because they do the work for you! They always have matching boy/girl collections. How easy does that make it? I also love scouring TJMaxx and Marshalls for great deals. Some of the twins cutest fall outfits have come from the sale racks!
Girl: Headband | Dress | Tights | Shoes
Boy: Top | Sweater | Pants | Shoes

Name: Betsy Wijas
Store: H&M
Twins: Henry & Hope, 3 years
Favorite Stores: H&M, Gap, and Gymboree
I have always been into shopping and fashion so they had no choice but to be little fashionistas too.  I do a lot of sewing too so they wear a lot of mommy made outfits.  Henry has two styles: preppy and hipster.  He is usually wearing khaki a button up, and tie or skinny jeans, a graphic tee, and fedora.  Hope is all over the map as she has become quite opinionated about her wardrobe.  She loves to mix up frilly girly dresses with funky tights and boots, and she can never have enough accessories.  When they were little I loved when I could find them matching clothes, but now I’m just excited when their outfits coordinate once in a while.  They are wearing outfits I made for them in this picture.
Girl: Scarf | Dress | Jacket | Tights | Boots
Boy: Hat | Jacket | Top | Pants | Boots

Name: Rachel London
Store: Kelly's Kids
Twins: Olivia and Cole, 22 months
Favorite Stores:, Gap, Kelly's Kids, Polo Ralph Lauren and Old Navy
Olivia & Cole have the most different personalities possible! They will turn two October 14 and its definitely bitter sweet. I don't like dressing them in things other kids will be wearing so I mix and match outfits. I'm pretty Southern so I tend to dress my kids that way...sometimes we like to sass it up and go a bit different, but that's pretty rare. I really like smocked clothing and that's what they tend to wear the majority of the time. If something can be monogrammed, then you better believe I will monogram it. :) 
Boy: Top | Pants | Belt | Shoes

Name: Ashley Rimini
Store: Gap
Twins: Madeline & Mason, 2.5 years 
Favorite Stores: Gap, Old Navy, and H&M
You can follow our crazy, fun, full life at We shop a lot at Gap, Old Navy, and H&M for the kids. You can't beat the prices, sales, and trendy styles for toddlers. Here is my boy/girl twin fall look. I am loving all the cute, preppy style out this season. And have filled their closets full for the fall of floral tops and leggings, and preppy long sleeve baseball tees. However, I also like to switch it up and thought I'd share with you a little more of a toddler hipster/biker look. Is that a thing?! Is now ;) I'm loving the floral dressed mixed with the black biker boots and moto jacket. And who doesn't love a little boy in high tops and distressed denim? 

Girl: Hat | Jacket | Dress | Boots
Boy: Top | Vest | Jeans | Shoes

(The last B/G twin mom wasn't able to complete her look so I did one too! :)
Name: Meredith Haynes
Store: Zara
Twins: Jude & Sloane, almost 3
Favorite Stores: Peek, Nordstrom, Gap, Zara
I don't have a certain style I stick to when dressing my kids, but I love when they're wearing something unique and fun!  I know this sounds silly, but my daughter sports a pixie haircut so I love when I find outfits that show off her unique 'do (and make it obvious she's a girl).  I typically choose graphic tees or anything with a fun print for Jude the dude.  Every time he wears a cardigan I'm in love.  If the outfit makes me smile before I even put them in it, I know I have a winner.

Girl: Headband | Coat | Dress | Boots
Boy: Top | Cardigan | Jeans | Shoes

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