Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Day in the Life | 20 Months

Hey Twin Talk readers! I'm Eryka. I am stay at home mama to our adorable Boy/Girl twins Henry and Campbell! They are about to be 20 months can it be?! Time flies. 
I am an avid Instagrammer (@erykaann). If you want to follow along with our crazy little life, we love new friends! 

Before I share our day here is a little background on our family! My husband and I have been married nearly 5 years! We started trying to expand our at the end of 2012. After months of negative tests, I began to give up on getting pregnant. We sort of stopped stressing about it. On June 7th, 2013 I was a day late (which never happens). We went to the store and got some tests! That night I decided I couldn't wait any longer. I took the test and that + showed up instantly! I just laughed and cried. More laughing. I opened the door and said "Babe!" He went ghost white. I was pregnant. Next day I took a test. Bam +. I was 100% pregnant. A few weeks later on July 3rd. I woke up to some heavy bleeding. In a panic I called Dan and then the Dr. After a rude nurse I was finally able to be seen in the afternoon. My OB was out of town so I was another OB. He talked to us a little then did an ultrasound. We were 90% sure it wasn't going to be good news. Well, long story short! He said "You got 2 in there!" After many tears, and laughter. We left to tell our families. After a long pregnancy including 10 weeks of strict bed rest. Our twinsies joined our family on January 10th @ 11:47pm & January 11th @ 12:07am. Yep, different birthdays!  

OK, sorry for that novel. I am so excited to share with you a glimpse into our days. As fellow twin or multiple parents you know how everyday is adventure. You never know what the day will bring! Somedays are a piece of cake and someday like the one you will see are long, and exhausting! 

6:30 am | I wake up. 

6:45 am | Get out of bed to see the husband off to work. 
7 am | He leaves for work and Twins are still sleeping. Sometimes they wake up before 6:30 am and sometimes they sleep passed 7am. This day I guess they were tired. 
7:05 ish | They wake up and I let them hang out in their cribs for a little bit. 

7:15 am | They seem ready to get up now. I make them breakfast and let them watch Curious George. Somedays they eat breakfast on the floor (like today), and somedays they eat a their table. We rearely use the high chairs anymore. They make the biggest mess when in them and dont on the floor or at thier table. 
7:30am | I make myself breakast and end up sharing it with them. They eat SO much! 
After they finish eating. Its time for diaper changes. Henry fights it and runs away from every time! He hates getting his diaper changed. 
8 am | Turn TV off. If they wake up before 6:30 am they are usually wanting to go back to bed now. Since they slept in they dont seem tired. We do some puzzles and around 8:30 they seem ready to go back to bed. After half an hour of playing I call it and go in, They both pooped and dont want a nap today! (I am thinking they are finally cutting their 1st nap out!....SAVE ME! haha!)

9 am | We change diapers and get dressed for the day! I get dressed too and get some what presentable. Lets be honest, that included; changing out of pjs into clean sweats! Dry shampoo and 3 min of makeup!

From now to lunch time its all about keeping them entertained! We make my bed, play in my room. Went outside for a good chunk of time, slide, chalk, staring down cars, running in the grass, and watering the flowers. Video chatted daddy for a a few mintues.

There was several tanturms and fights. Including, hitting and yelling. Its a new thing we are working on it. Its now around 11am. I am exhusted already! I entertain them by vacuuming. These 2 love the vacuum so much, its so weird. We vacuum/chase them around with it for 15 min or so, they flip out when I put the vacuum away. I can tell they are hungry so I turn on a show and make them lunch.

11:30pm | They eat lunch and watch a movie!

12:30 | They are so tired. We change diapers and now its finally NAP TIME! I watch my new show Nashville. I don't feel like doing more chores. (haha!)
They wake up aroun 2:15ish
2:15 | Wake up demanding snacks! Snack time it is. I do dishes quickly while they are eating their "nack, nack!"

From now to when daddy gets home it is pure survival mode. We play, read books, color, play magents on the fridge, Help me put away their laundry, pick up their room. They play toys while I get some last minutue cleaning done before Dan gets home!
Its now around 4pm. Dan texted he would be home soonish! We then play in the kitchen and watch for him out the door. (This was a lucky day where he was home at a normal time. There is times where he does overtime and gets home before they go to bed!)

4:45pm | Daddy IS HOME! There was much screaming and clapping! It was a happy time! For us all! I wasn so drained.
5 pm | He takes the kids to Target (!!!!!) for a few things and I start dinner and pick up their toys a little and enjoy the quiet. 

5:45 pm | They get back and we eat dinner! Henry refuses to eat his fried rice. He ends up eating veggie straws and bread. Campbell eats most of her dinner. We then give them each 1 oreo. (This isnt a daily thing, just when we feel nice. ha!)

6:20 ish | Bath time since they are MESSY! We do baths on M,W, and Sat so they are clean for church on Sunday. There is times when they need baths more than that! Henry has eczema so it helps when he doesnt get a ton of baths a week. If they seem dirty I will wipe them down with the Johnson & Johnsons wipes. We LOVE those. It lets us get by without doing baths, baths is such workout. haha! 
6: 30 | Skype Grandma in Ca while in tub
6 :45 | Jammie time. Night time lotion, diapers and any medicine they need. Teething big time over here! We also then put Henry's special boots on. He was born with a Clubfoot. He was treated when he was 2 weeks old with casts and now wears these boots when he sleeps. He will wear them until 3 years old! So we are so close to being done! 

7 pm | Read books either they look at a few themselves or we read to them and----finally BED TIME!

After they are in bed, we clean up dinner, and anything else that needs to picked up! Then go to bed around 10 and wake up the next day and do it all over again! ;) Thanks so much for reading about our day! It was fun to write everything down and see how much we actually do! 

@erykaann (on instagram)

XO Eryka


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