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Twin Birth Story: Kristina Mundinger

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Kristina Mundinger

Where do you currently live?  
Ottawa, Canada

How far along were you when you found out you were expecting twins
7 weeks

Any issues during your pregnancy? 
At 24 weeks I went to the hospital for an ultrasound. The tech didn't say much, but asked me to stay in the room while she went to talk to someone. When she came back in she said my cervix was a little short and that I needed to go check in at the L&D desk to be seen by a doctor. I was very confused, I was alone, and I didn't understand what was going on. I googled 'short cervix' and let's just say it freaked me out even more. The nurse hooked me up to a monitor and we discovered I was having regular contractions. I had no clue that's what the tightening I was feeling for the last few days was. I was admitted and had to stay in the hospital for a few days while they stopped the contractions. I was put on bed rest after this and didn't go back to work. I had to get an ultrasound every week after this to measure my cervix and I scared the tech every time because it was so incredibly short (and kept getting shorter).

Memorable/funny moment when you were pregnant: We got a 3D ultrasound done. With two babies in there they can be difficult to do as one often blocks the other one. We were having some difficulties so I ate some chocolate and took a walk around to try and get them to move. It worked and now we have an amazing photo of one babies butt right in the other ones face.

Looking back, what is one thing you would tell your pregnant self? Take it a little more easy. Right before I went into the hospital I spent an entire day being a tour guide to my sister and her friend. We did a lot of walking around the city that day, and looking back I probably pushed myself too hard. It's okay to take it a little easy and not try to do everything.

How many weeks/days were you when your twins were born? 34 weeks and 6 days 

Baby A's Information:  

July 27, 2013
12:00 pm
5 lbs 1 oz
They don't measure height here (they say it's not accurate post birth)

Baby B's Information:  

July 27, 2013
12:31 pm
5 lbs 6 oz

Are your twins identical? No

Did you have a c-section or natural delivery?  My water broke at 5am when I went to the washroom (thankfully) so we headed to the hospital right away. After I was admitted I was told my cervix was pretty much non-existent (which wasn't a surprise) and that I was 4cm dilated. I asked for my epidural right away knowing things could take a while. I'm glad I did because the pain of the contractions was incredible! A few hours later I was fully dilated and ready to push! I was able to get Eli down until we could see the top of his head and then was told to stop and wait because they bring all twins into the OR for delivery. We got into the OR and I delivered Eli vaginally. At that point Evan was frank breech and too high up for the doctors to bring him down so they told me I was going to have an emergency caesarian. All chaos broke loose at this point. More nurses arrived, my epidural meds were increased, a sheet was thrown up, and I delivered Evan a half hour later.

Any NICU time?  If yes, for what reason and how long?  The boys were in the NICU overnight only because it was hospital policy that all babies born before 35 weeks are sent there.

Did you have any complications after delivery? Recovering from both a vaginal birth and a caesarian wasn't a lot of fun. I was exhausted and unable to do as much as I would have liked. That was nothing compared to the pain I felt when I got pancreatitis a few weeks after their birth. I spent a few days in the hospital on IV fluid, pain meds, and a strict diet of no food.

How long did you stay in the hospital?
3 days

Did your twins stay with you or the hospital nursery at night? With us in the room

What are three things you are so glad you had (or wish you would have had) at the hospital? 

I'm glad I had my phone. I was able to take tons of pictures, occupy myself when I had any free time and the babies were sleeping, and keep up with what was going on in the world. I wish I had my nursing pillow. My boys are over a year now and I still use that thing everywhere I go! It would have been much easier nursing them in the hospital bed. I wish I had a special nursing nightgown. I find the hospital gowns incredibly uncomfortable, but definitely easy to take off for nursing. I've since found an awesome nursing nightgown that opens with snaps like a nursing bra and I live in it!

Describe one of your favorite moments while you were at the hospital:  When I got to visit my boys in the NICU the day after they were born. After my surgery I got to see then briefly while in recovery, but then I was alone for the night as my husband went home to sleep. The next morning he came back and brought me to the NICU. It was the first time I really got to be with them. I had imagined being able to hold them immediately after birth and when that didn't happen I felt empty. Being able to be with them there and then take them back to our room with us was the best feeling ever.

If you had one piece of advice you could give an expecting mom of twins, what would it be? 
Do what works best for you. Everyone is full of advice (I admit, I am too), but in the end the only thing that will keep you sane is doing what you need to survive. I did a lot of on-demand for everything (sleeping, nursing, changing) and while it may have meant less sleeping hours for me, it felt right and it helped me get through every day. You will survive and it will get easier. Enjoy it because it goes quickly.

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