Friday, August 14, 2015

Twin Birth Story: Karina

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Where do you currently live?  
Menifee, CA

How far along were you when you found out you were expecting twins
12 Weeks

Any issues during your pregnancy?  
I would throw up two times a day every day during the first trimester. I also remember being extremely tired. I would sleep A LOT. Then I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. I was given medicine to control it. That combined with my mixed up pregnancy hormones while carrying two did cause my hair to fall out. Luckily it wasn't as bad as other stories I've heard and thankfully now I am completely recovered.

During my last trimester of pregnancy I was diagnosed with the H.E.L.L.P Syndrome which caused me to go into preterm labor. I was at my doctor's office for a scheduled appointment and my doctor noticed that my legs were really swollen. Not only that, my urine was really dark which caused her to be alarmed. She sent me to the hospital for a NST and they also ran some labs. Well turns out I was in really bad shape and I did not even know it. My doctor was about to send me to a woman's hospital where I would remain on bedrest until it was considered safe to deliver. I hated the idea of not being able to go home to my other kids. And then it turns out I was already dilated 4cm. So at that point she made the decision to have me deliver that day. Her exact words were, "You're having these babies today." I went into the hospital at 3 in the afternoon and the babies were both born that same evening 5 hours later. 

Having been diagnosed with H.E.L.L.P Syndrome I was given magnesium sulfate and many people who have heard of it, including the nurses at the hospital asked me what it was like. It first feels like the whole inside of your body is burning and then I remember just shaking uncontrollably.

Memorable/funny moment when you were pregnant: It was the day I found out we were having twins. It was my first scheduled appointment and my husband was supposed to go with me but he had an important meeting at work so I went alone. From experience with my previous pregnancies I figured that this was just gonna to be an easy check up just to confirm the pregnancy so it was no big deal to me that he wasn't with me. Well the doctor starting examining me and she had a puzzled look on her face. I was scared something was wrong. Then she did the ultrasound and that's when she told me I was having twins as she pointed to the monitor. I started crying (of happiness) but at the same time I was in such disbelief. I called my husband right after I walked out of the doctor's office and he pretty much thought I was just messing with him until he got home from work and I showed him the ultrasound picture.

Looking back, what is one thing you would tell your pregnant self?  I'm a very active person. I don't like the idea of just sitting around not doing nothing especially when I have other children to look after. But looking back I would have definitely slowed myself down and I would've accepted the help that others offered me but that I turned down thinking I could do it all. I keep thinking that if I would've taken things slow then perhaps I wouldn't have gone into labor so soon and wouldn't have had the complications that I did have. Thankfully though all is really good now and have been blessed with 2 beautiful, healthy girls.

How many weeks/days were you when your twins were born? 34 weeks, 4 days

Baby A's Information:  
Emilia Briseno

8:14 pm
4 lbs 3 oz
16 1/2 inches long

Baby B's Information:  
Amaya Briseno

8:25 pm
4 lbs 3 oz
17 1/2 inches long

Are your twins identical? Yes!

Did you have a c-section or natural delivery?  It was a natural delivery although I delivered in the OR room which was nothing but white walls and many lights overhead. I felt like I was about to become their next science experiment. LOL. There were a lot of hospital staff in the room with me. Each twin had their own set of nurses, there was the anesthesiologist along with the doctor who was to perform the c-section if it in case we needed to deliver via that route. Thankfully we didn't. Also beside me was my loving husband and 2 really great nurses who helped me get through every contraction. I was unable to get an epidural nor any kind of pain medication due to my blood platelets being so low because of having H.E.L.L.P Syndrome. It was the first of my pregnancies delivering without no pain medication what so ever and I am glad it happened that way.

Any NICU time?  If yes, for what reason and how long?  Yes. The hospital where I delivered did not have a NICU at the time so unfortunately they had to be transported to a hospital about 30 minutes away that did have a very outstanding NICU. Each twin had 14 people in their transport team so it made me feel very comforted knowing my babies were in very good hands and were going to be very well taken care of. The twins weren't born with any severe health problems. They were sent to the NICU because being born so early the doctors were concerned about their weight and not having developed the ability or the know how to feed outside the womb. At the NICU they had to be woken up every 3 hours by the nurses to eat because they would not wake up on their own. They were fed breastmilk that I pumped at home. My husband and I would drive every night after he got home from work to be with them and to tell them they needed to hurry up and come home of course. Because they were born during flu season the hospital was so strict about visitors so my other children weren't allowed to visit them. They hadn't met the girls yet. The night they were born they were taken to the children's hospital before getting the chance to meet them. It was definitely hard not having my family all together as a whole. After 3 weeks of being in the NICU the doctors were comfortable with the progress the twins had made and both girls were finally allowed to come home.

Did you have any complications after delivery? As if going into preterm labor wasn't bad enough. I had severe postpartum hemorrhaging. My doctor couldn't get the bleeding to stop therefore she place a intrauterine balloon inside me to see if that would stop it. Luckily it did otherwise the next step was a hysterectomy. I did require a blood transfusion afterward. Before this experience I had always has mixed feelings about blood transfusions but now I know they are a good thing and it saved my life.

How long did you stay in the hospital?
3 nights, 4 days

What are three things you are so glad you had (or wish you would have had) at the hospital? 

I went to the hospital totally unprepared. After all I just thought I was going for a simple NST. I didn't have anything but my clothes that I was wearing and my purse. But I am thankful that my husband was there with me that day. Everything just happened so unexpectedly. I am thankful for my supportive family and my nurses who were the nicest ever and my doctor who is amazing! I feel that she saved mine and babies lives by making taking the steps she did that day. Though I didn't show signs of preeclampsia she knew something was wrong.

Describe one of your favorite moments while you were at the hospital:  The care I received from my nurses. They made sure I got plenty of rest and that I was as comfortable as possible.

If you had one piece of advice you could give an expecting mom of twins, what would it be? 
Rest as much as possible and take things slow! Accept the help that others offer you during and after your pregnancy. But most importantly enjoy your babies as much as possible. While the first few months can be challenging they grow up so quickly. And it definitely does get better through time. Mine will soon be 2. Like they say, its double the trouble but its definitely double the fun!! Enjoy! I feel so blessed to have been through this amazing journey and to be able to say I have twins its just a feeling you can't describe.


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