Monday, August 10, 2015

Babytalk Partnership & Giveaway!

Hey mamas!

First, I want to introduce myself. My name is Maggie May Price (insert the pink shirt, arm raised girl emoji here) hello! I too am a mama of multiples, wife, friend, sister, daughter, and kicking butt & taking names everyday from 1pm-3pm (if I’m lucky) aka naptime, and then 7pm-12am (and “occasionally” all weekend long) where I’ve been developing this aahhhmazing business called Babytalk. We’ll talk more about Babytalk here in a bit, but first I want to say THANK YOU to the Twin Talk Blog (TTB) mama herself Meredith for allowing me to join in her mission in bringing more resources to our amazing community of MoMs.

If you haven’t already realized, TTB is really the very first of its kind, an amazing place for mamas to connect and support one another, preparing for babies and navigating the new and lifelong role that is being a mama of multiples. The truth is that even though every mom (no matter the number of babies she’s cooked at once) can relate on the “new mom” level of craziness, no one... let me say that again, NO ONE understands the ups and downs, highs and lows, and importance that comes with the title of being a Mom Of Multiples. No one, not a one.  We’re a unique sisterhood of talented, amazing, supportive, and beautiful women. A group I’m more proud to be apart of than anything else I’ve ever done before.

Prior to my current, and most important role as a mama, I worked as a parent educator + family therapist for over the course of a decade.  Trouncing around as a young 20 something, kid-less and fancy free. Spending my days trying to convince parents that I had all the answers (because of course the educational material I had said so.) HA! Oh boy, I’m sure you know where this is going. Well needless to say knowing kids is one thing, HAVING kids is surely another. And what it really comes down to is that it takes one, to know one. A mama that is.

It was just a short 26 months ago where my sweet, supportive + mild mannered husband and I sat at our first ultrasound (having just celebrated our 1 year, yes.... 1 year wedding anniversary) where we found out we were expecting not one, but TWO babies!! Much like all of you, that moment is burned in my brain like it was yesterday. Talk about the shock of a lifetime (to say the least).  Pretty much the rest was history. You know, no big deal, just the hardest/happiest/crazy/amazing 26 months of my life. Listen, if you think you have your ish together now, just wait because babies aren’t afraid to let you know you absolutely do NOT. In fact you’re a complete disaster. Not me though, I’m not a disaster AT ALL. (If you’re doing the math correctly, your right, our little guys are 17 months old now, busy as ever and the absolute loves of our lives!)

All joking aside, becoming a Mom was and has been a truly defining moment in my life. I really do look at the world completely different, think differently, and feel differently about mostly everything. You’ll come to find, that is if you haven’t already, that the emotional rollercoaster that is motherhood will most definitely make you a stronger, better, and more beautiful person. You may be thinking to yourself “HA! I’m pretty sure my better self was 15lbs ago, when my toughest decision was which 2 piece bikini to buy?” OH, you’re funny. The truth is that being a new parent is super hard stuff, which does come with a lot more difficult decisions and responsibilities. But with it comes such an amazing and rewarding experience. So never fear Babytalk is here!

Naturally, when I was faced with these trying and sometimes dark moments of the emotional instability that IS being a new mom, I decided that there HAD to be a better way to do this! Right?! WRONG. The truth is up until the development of Babytalk minimal resources existed, and the ones that did really weren’t tailored for this generation of mamas (aside from TTB of course.) Well, because I happen to be a Virgo, super type A, and sometimes a bit cray cray in the commitments I take on, I of course decided right then and there to take things into my own hands. TAH-DAH! Babytalk was born! And it was really that easy (wink wink.)

Delivering the accessibility, functionality and a modern, and more fitting approach to planning for baby and parenthood has been our mission since day one. We’ve been so incredibly lucky to have such an amazing team, and to have partnered with equally amazing #mombosses who inspire us everyday to continue to develop the Babytalk brand to be what our former pregnant selves could have only dreamed of. An all-inclusive, one stop shop, lifestyle baby planning + new parent education firm delivering chic, savvy, reliable information and resources to mamas like you, who are just like us!

ALRIGHT! So enough about us, let’s talk more about this fabulous collaboration. Babytalk + TTB will be doing monthly features posts, anywhere from navigating gear for multiples, to sibling preparation, and nursery design! Our fantastic team of experts will contribute to a vaiety of fun and helpful topics and will be available to field any questions you may have. And the best part of course is that every month the topics will be 100% specific to multiples. DUH!  

SO..... drumroll please....... to kick of our recent website + online class launch, as well as our fabulous partnership with TTB we want to giveaway $100 Babytalk Account Credits to THREE TTB MAMAS!!!! WooHoo! The lucky winners can use these gifts cards on any combination of Babytalk Online Classes, or towards any Virtual Design Service. You can use it towards whatever you want, whenever you want, and however you want, how great is that?!

Take a look...

Online Classes (Expecting Multiples, Baby Transition, etc.)

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From all of us, thank you for all the love and support! We know you’re going to be great at this whole “Mom Thing,” after all you have us to help!