Thursday, July 2, 2015

Twin Birth Story: Danielle Kennison

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Danielle Kennison

Where do you currently live?  Conroe, TX

How far along were you when you found out you were expecting twins6 Weeks

Any issues during your pregnancy?  At my 31 week Doctor's appointment my Doctor sent me to the Hospital because I had high blood pressure. I had my twins 3 days later due to Preeclampsia.

Memorable/funny moment when you were pregnant: Finding out we were having twins. I went to my first Doctor’s appointment at 6 weeks. As the image came up on the screen, I said to myself “that looks like two babies.” A few moments passed and then I look at the tech with this puzzled look. She said “oh you didn’t know you were having two?” Still to this day I am amazed that we have twins and that my body carried two babies at the same time.

Looking back, what is one thing you would tell your pregnant self?  Enjoy each day, even the not so great ones. Take it easy on your body and make sure you take all the pictures/videos you can because after delivery the pictures/videos are all that you have left.

How many weeks/days were you when your twins were born? 31 weeks, 3 days

Baby A's Information:  
Brooks Gavin

April 22, 2013
12:22 pm
4 lbs 3 oz
17 in

Baby B's Information:  Harper Jude

April 22, 2013
12:24 pm
4 lbs 7 oz
17 1/2 in

Did you have a c-section or natural delivery?  "Planned Emergency" C-Section is what my OB liked to call it.

Any NICU time?  If yes, for what reason and how long?  Yes, 33 days! They were so early it was a given they would have some NICU time. Both needed oxygen and had some jaundice for the first week. Then later they needed time to learn to eat via breast/bottle, which was them working on their suck/swallow/breath reflex. Harper had some bubbles in her intestines.

Did you have any complications after delivery? Yes, in addition to my high blood pressure I had a hemorrhage after delivery. I lost a lot of blood and had a have a few blood transfusions.

How long did you (the parents) stay in the hospital? 7 days

What are three things you are so glad you had (or wish you would have had) at the hospital? 

-I am so happy I had a long phone charger. That was a lifesaver!!
-Comfy Slippers
-The main thing I wish I had was a birth photographer to capture the moments I missed while in recovery.

Describe one of your favorite moments while you were at the hospital:  Getting to see my babies for the first time.. I am sure that is every mother's favorite moment. Since they were so preemie they were rushed away. I had some complications and was in recovery for a while. I finally got to see and hold them about a day and a half after delivery. As I was being wheeled into the NICU, I was speaking with my nurse. Brooks & Harper heard my voice and they had their eyes open looking for me. I was worried they would have forgotten who I was but it was one of the best moments.

If you had one piece of advice you could give an expecting mom of twins, what would it be? Pack your hospital bag early! I did not have mine packed, so I ended up having to rely on others to bring me items. Just like in life in general, make sure you live in the moment. Time moves so very fast. In a blink of an eye pregnancy will be over and you will have toddlers running around :)