Monday, June 15, 2015

Day in the Life: 17 Months

The Day in the Life series continues with Karen and her 17-month-old B/G twins...

8:48 am
Everyone is awake.  It was a long night.  Sadie my daughter spit up last night and when I woke up in the morning our room smelled so I'm washing everything.  Wyatt my son is on my bed with the TV remote which I take away.  I change both of their diapers  and hand them a water.  I usually make breakfast first thing in the morning.  

10:06 am
I'm almost done making breakfast.  Normally I do French Toast because neither are into eggs by themselves or haven't been so I'm trying today to see if there's some interest.  I can hear Wyatt making his distress call.  I can already tell without walking in the room he's on the second shelf of my bookcase.  

I was so judgemental before I had children.  If someone would have told me their son had climbed the bookcase I would have thought " where were you ?".  

All of our furniture is bolted with a safety device to a stud in the wall.  I thought it was a little extreme, but finding him for the first time on a shelf like this I was thankful we took the extra measure.  We also have both of our flat screen televisions anchored to their cabinet.   This doesn't mean we allow them to do this but it allows us to correct the behavior without a major accident.  

10:10 am
Breakfast is cooled off.  I take some chicken out of the freezer to put in the Crok Pot for dinner.  I usually defrost it but forgot.  Right now they are fighting at the baby gate that separates the main room from the kitchen.  The kitchen is the only room in the house I refuse to give them access to.  

I'm pretty sure Sadie's smiling in the background. 

Sadie gets so mad when Wyatt cries.  It's almost like she yells back at him "ya ya ya ".  In this picture she's hitting him on the head.  We don't spank our children or pets.

10:15 am
I take breakfast and the twins outside.  I got rid of their high chairs when they turned one.  They have a small table and chair set they sit at but today were eating breakfast outside in our Radio Flyer Wagon.  This way I can let them eat while I feed our pets and water what needs watering.  

This is one of the reasons why I ditched the high chairs.  Sadie prefers to take a bite and throw something she's not interested in.  I've tried to get her to stop but it was becaming a game. 

Beggars are always on stand by.  Normally I put the dogs in the back but today I forgot. 

Menu Breakfast :  eggs, garbanzo beans, cheese, watermelon and orange slices.  

I'm on a anti sippy cup campaign.  People roll their eyes when I tell them sippy cups are no different than bottles. I have cleaned bottles everyday for the past 17 months and I'm not transitioning to cleaning and putting together a sippy cup.  These water bottles are probably not much different other than they have to hold it upright to drink and they have to suck through a straw.  I used to practice with actual cups in the wagon but now we do that at bath time.  They can drink from a cup but I'm not ready to leave them alone with one full of milk. 

A little sand box time.  Yes in a diaper. He spilled his water all over himself. 

11:00 am
We go back inside the house.  Breakfast is done.

11:02 am
I chased Sadie who was putting my shoes in her mouth while I was filling tub.

11:03  am

This is when I practice having them drink from a cup.  I fill it up with bottled or clean tap water and they drink. 

11:25 am
Both are in diapers crying.

11:30 am
After breakfast and a bath I give them a bottle with milk and turn on a movie.  They have bean bags I bought them which they love.  

This is our room .  I've had them in here from Fisher Price Rock n Plays to a crib and now toddler beds.  As you see everyone's blankets and sheets are stripped due to last nights incident.

11:33  am
I'm in the kitchen putting dishes in the washer and clean sheets and blankets in the dryer. 

11:55  am
Both are Asleep

I moved Sadie to her bed even though it's not made.  I didn't like her sleeping position on the bean bag. 

How I use my time while they nap:

Clean Bottles 
Pick up Toys 
Check on Animals Outside 
Put the Frozen Chicken in the Crok Pot on High

1:25  pm
Wyatt's awake.  I change his diaper and put clothes on and give him water. 

1:36  pm
Wyatt's watching Baby First TV and drinking water dressed.  

2:04  pm
I sat on the couch and thought Wyatt was coming over to snuggle no he has a poopy diaper 

2:28  pm
I'm making lunch.

Menu Lunch:  cheese quesadillas, turkey breast lunch meat and Ronzoni garden delight pasta. 

2:50  pm
Changed Wyatt's diapers and Sadie is chewing on the wall at her special spot.

I had them both tested for Iron deficiencies last week.  My concern has been PICA but their Dr says they are fine.  

2:55 pm
Lunch was ready so I told them to sit at their chairs.  I put the plate down then they sit and grab a piece of food.  I spilt their food up on the table and take the plate away. 

3:14 pm
They are both fighting over one of my flip flops one of them  reached through a baby gate and grabbed.  

3:19  pm
Now their playing but Wyatt's crying because he can't get his toy quad to go in the direction he wants.

3:26  pm
Wyatt's in the bookcase again 

3:33  pm
They have already eaten what their going to eat so I give them a milk.  Plus Wyatt saw me pouring it and immediately started whining .  If he could have it his way he'd just drink milk.  Sadie loves both solid food and milk. 

3:42 pm
They both drank about 3 fl oz of milk and are done so I'm putting the bottle back in the fridge Sadie is now sitting on my bed making her poop face.  

3:50  pm
I let Bellamy the dog inside.  Normally dogs are not allowed inside but I've given in.  It may sound terrible and dirty but they are excellent on picking up spilled food. 

4:00 pm
I put on "Dr.  Seuss Horton Hears a Hoo" and I take a shower.

4:20 pm
Nevermind I haven't taken a shower I've  been messing around but just took a piece of plastic away from Sadie .  I wouldn't have known she had it unless Wyatt was chasing her for it.  

4:47  pm
I  took a shower but  still need to brush my hair.  We are just hanging out in the living room there's a Step2 playhouse a slide and some Fisher Price Little People toys.  They each have a water and I put out some Earths Best Organic cheddar crackers. 
4:57 pm
They are  both pooping again .

5:00 pm
I changed Wyatt's diaper and put socks on.  

5:10  pm
Sadie's  diaper is changed and shoes are on them both.  They are  in the living room watching Baby First TV while I wait for rice to boil so I can set the timer and go outside.  Dad should be home soon.

5:59 pm
We are eating dinner in the wagon watching dad put something together from work.  

Menu Dinner:  chicken, garbanzo beans, orange slices, white rice, banana

6:12 pm
Dinners done now we're at the swing set 

6:25  pm
Back inside for an emergency diaper change.  The outdoor swing part is over and their a little upset but tired.

6:40  pm
Both diapers have been changed and their clothes off.  They are sitting on their bean bags watching the rest of Horton .  I need to get their pajamas and put the sheets on everyone's beds. As I type Sadie's eyeing the chew spot on the wall.

6:58 pm
Wyatt popped so I changed his diaper.  I still haven't put their pajamas  on. 

7:04  pm
They are playing with daddy I'm finally going to get their pjs.

7:25  pm
Pajamas on and daddy put all the sheets on the beds.

I bought this turban thing in the mail that I tried on Sadie during changing time.  She looks so cute. 

8:00  pm
I let them lay on my bed with a water watching the end of the movie. 

8:30 pm
Everyone is asleep I just have to move them to their beds.  

9:16 pm  
Sadie woke up not sure why but 
she went right back to sleep. 

5:00 am  
Wyatt woke up for a diaper and went back to sleep. 

About Us: 

My husband and I were married for 10 years before I finally became pregnant with twins.  We had fertility issues and conceived via IVF thankfully the first time.  So finding out I was pregnant with twins was not a surprise.  We have a lot of pets and spend most of our time outdoors.  I love doing new things with them and I am constantly taking their picture.  It's funny they are normally happy smiling children and this was a bad day.  Spitting up never happens and a leaky diaper on the swing set is a first too.  Everyday is different.  As of today a week later they are no longer chewing the walls and those photos of Wyatt in the book case were his last attempts.   We went on a Ranger ride the following day and I thought what a perfect time for a family selfie.

As far as a schedule I have never had one except for when they were infants and they ate every three hours.  I've always done everything with both at the same time.  

Some recent favorite photos.

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