Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Happy Birthday Twin Talk!

Before I continue can I just quickly and quietly say....

Calligraphy and picture by @piecescalligraphy

So excited to be celebrating with all of you!  Today I'm asking fellow twin moms to LINK UP with Twin Talk and share your twins' first birthday celebration!  Whether the party was huge or family only, we want to hear how you celebrated the big O N E!  What a precious time in your life.  I always congratulate parents when their kids turn one because it's a celebration for them (for you) as well.  Year one is HARD.  It's exhausting.  It's amazing. It's confusing.  It's exciting.  It's scary.  It's empowering.

Every moment isn't perfect but every day is good.

So without further adieu, it's time to link up, friends!  I only have ONE request and that is you link back to Twin Talk (www.twintalkblog.com) in your post!  The link-up will be open all week so if you aren't able to get to it today, no worries!  Write it when you have one of those free moments none of us ever have.  ;)

*Don't forget to enter the Freshly Picked giveaway!!  One reader will win two pairs of moccs!

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  1. Seriously fun link up. We're trying to decide if we should do a party for H and B's third, so maybe a little party inspiration will make up my mind. Happy Birthday, Twin Talk!!

    Our Little Miracles

  2. Happy birthday TwinTalk!

    {I'm so sorry, I made a mistake when linking up and added the last birthday not the first… so I went back and added my twins' first birthday to. Sorry about that!}

  3. So much fun reading about other twins' birthdays! Loved the link up, Meredith! :) :) I cheated and used an old post... No time to write an entirely new one dedicated to just their party! :(

  4. I'm the clueless lady who posted the twins' birthday during this period and didn't link it up. Sigh. This is cute!