Monday, February 2, 2015

Twin Talk Survey Results + Twin Mom's Choice Awards

When I created the survey for Twin Talk, I told my husband I hoped for 100 responses.  462 of you responded.  I originally thought there was a glitch on Survey Monkey because seven minutes after I posted the link I'd received 30 responses.  This told me two things:

1.  Sunday nights are pretty low-key for twin moms.

2.  This community CARES about the success of Twin Talk. 

Over the next few days, I received hundreds of comments from the group.  From twin moms who wanted to write a guest post, to those who said a specific post got them through a really tough time, to some who weren't so pleased with certain aspects of the blog.  It was exciting.  It was humbling.  It was terrifying.

Never again will I question the importance of this blog - you guys made it quite clear that hearing from other twin moms on a variety of topics is important, helpful and necessary.   Message received!

I thought you might enjoy seeing the results to some of the questions.... 


THANK YOU for taking the time to fill out the survey.  You would think I'd leave you alone now but I have one more favor to ask.  It's awards season and Twin Talk wants to take part! I get a lot of questions about what's the very best (fill in the blank) to register for twins. So it's time for YOU to fill out your ballot and help a fellow twin mama out. Please be as specific as possible with your answers! Brand/name/etc.  Survey will close tonight at midnight - CLICK HERE to complete the Twin Mom's Choice Awards!  Thanks in advance.  :)

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