Monday, September 8, 2014

Twin Talk Update

Change is hard.  But life changes usually come with clarity and growth.  The good kind, you know?  

Let me explain..

Over at my personal blog today, I'm sharing my 'Day in the Life" being a part-time working mom, and part-time STAHM, and I thought I was busy, but after attempting to document it (with a failed attempt) I found it to be down right exhausting.  It is tough to fit everything in my day, and sometimes (a lot of the time) I don't.  I have weeks when I am running on fumes to keep up with every thing, and 'extras' fall by the wayside (like the week before last week).  

It is for these reasons that I've decided that I will no longer be a main contributor to Twin Talk.  When Meredith and I decided to start blogging on this little web space called Twin Talk Blog, I hadn't a clue the effort it would take to keep up with all of the above, and my own personal blog as well.  This blog, through your reader support and input, has proven such a success, I am overwhelmed with where we have come and what we have accomplished in such a short amount of time.  From the beginning, I had zero intention of leaving 3 Ladies and Their Gent behind (it has been documenting my married and now family life for nearly 10 years), and planned to continue it, along with writing material for Twin Talk Blog, but that proved to be tougher than I thought, especially when things at work picked up and started to consume much more time at home that not.

It took some serious evaluation of what needed to change and this was one of among several places I needed to reassess my commitments.  I HATE doing that, but my accountability partner (Jordan) provided excellent support in my decisions, and gave great feedback to help me make these, rather difficult decisions. Although I am sad to leave Twin Talk Blog, I am confident that it will be just as amazing with Meredith's sole expertise behind the scenes.

Thanks for the love, support, and understanding.  Love you guys!
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  1. Amber, you will be missed. <3 You and Meredith are super women!! I just had twins in May and also have a blog to document all the babies milestones. It is soooooo hard to keep up with daily activities, let alone my blog. I wish you and your beautiful family all the best.

  2. I am so sad to hear this Amber, but give you so much credit for being able to take a step back, evaluate everything you have going on and make the best decision for you and your family, though I'm sure it's hard to leave something you started behind. I was one of many (I'm sure) who emailed you asking how you fit it all in and I guess it's slightly refreshing to know that there's no magic bullet, it's tough for everyone. You're superwoman with everything you accomplish! Thank you to you and Meredith for starting this amazing blog, it's such a great resource for twin moms. It seems to have taken off so I look forward to all to come. I'll continue to follow you on 3 Ladies.