Thursday, September 4, 2014

Fall Fashion For B/G Twins

Last month a reader asked where I shopped for Jude & Sloane's coordinated outfits.  Confession: I typically don't buy outfits that match/coordinate. If I find something I like, I purchase it with the attitude, "I'm sure Sloane/Jude has something at home that coordinates."  And then I follow Tim Gunn's orders and make it work.

In March I put together a post of spring fashion for boy/girl twins and thought it'd be fun to do it again.  This time, however, I had help from friends and Twin Talk readers!  There were a few rules: Each b/g twin mom had to choose a different store and absolutely every piece had to come from that store.  Head to toe.  Moms don't have a lot of time to shop at several stores or spend hours scouring the internet, so my hope was we could show you some great coordinated looks that require one quick stop or only one shipping fee (because, let's be honest, shipping fees are THE WORST).

Here we go!

Name: Meredith Haynes
Store: Peek
Twins: Jude & Sloane, 22 months
Favorite Shops: Peek, Gap, Tea Collection, Zara, Nordstrom
I don't have a certain style I stick to when dressing my kids, but I love when they're wearing something unique and fun (fun = army green jacket wearing her heart {patch} on her sleeve - hilarious)!  If it's remotely bohemian, I'm all over it for Sloane, my flower child.  Jude the Dude looks great in graphic tees and I always love the inspiring messages on Peek's shirts.  If the outfit makes me smile before I even put them in it, I know I have a winner.


Store: Crewcuts
Twins: Keegan & Harper, 22 months
Favorite Shops: Gap, Target, Crewcuts, Old Navy
I like to dress Harper and Keegan like mini-adults! I would wear anything in Harper's closet and would love for my husband to wear anything in Keegan's closet! I love finding new Instagram/Etsy shops with cute t-shirts. And I'm a sucker for anything sporty from Nike or Under Armour. I would say their style is fairly casual with a hint of preppy! I don't always think about coordinating outfits when shopping but love when it works out! 
For HimSweater | Shirt | Jeans | Shoes


Store: Zara
Twins: Parker & Grace, 12 months 
Favorite Shops: Zara, Janie and Jack, H&M, Splendid Littles, Target, Old Navy, Carter's, Peek 
When it comes to shopping for my 1-year-old twins, I always look for brands/shops that have coordinating looks for their boys and girls clothing. Some brands make this easier than others. One of my favorites is Zara because the colors and styles may match, but the pieces of clothing vary enough so that the outfits don't look too cheesy together. For our first fall pumpkin patch outing at the Dallas Arboretum this year, I selected some outfits from Zara that I think will complement the pumpkins and look great for Fall.
For Her:  Dress | Leggings | Boots | Scarf
For Him:  Shirt | Jeans | Shoes | Hat


Name: Lauren Lewis
Store: Gap
Twins: Ryan & Bryn, 2.5 years
Favorite Shops: Gap, Crewcuts
I tend to go for subtle matching for the twins.  I like one coordinating color and always give each twin their own "thing." For Ryan it's usually a shirt with some color under a sweater.  For Bryn it's either some fun shoes (read: Hunter Boots) or a bright bow.  Or let's get real...both.
For Her:  Dress | Jacket | Flats | Headband
For Him:  Sweater | Shirt | Jeans | Shoes


Name: Sarah Grahm
Store: Gap, Ralph Lauren Outlet, Carter's
Twins: Isabel & Andrew; 13 months
Favorite Shops: Gap, Crewcuts
My go-to for my son is always the classic polo.  For fall you can switch to the classic oxford (little boys look so handsome in these, oh my)!  I also love when my daughter wears a bright colored dress and then I pick one of the more "boyish" colors from the dress for my son for the matching polo and khakis.
For Her: Dress | Shoes
For Him: Shirt | Pants | Shoes


Name: Erika Lee
Store: Old Navy
Twins: Keegan & Noelle, 16 months 
Favorite Shops: Gap, Old Navy, Zara, Macy's
I tend to steer away from too, too trendy items and veer toward classic, staple pieces that can be worn lots of different ways. Cardigans to throw over dresses or worn over tank tops with jeans as the seasons change. Graphic tees paired down with shorts or dressed up a bit with khakis and a button down over the shirt. A wardrobe can really go far if you choose versatile, quality clothing that can transition from season to season!
For Him:  Jacket | Shirt | Jeans | Shoes


Name: Amanda Robertson
Store: H&M
Twins: Avery & Maxwell, 16 months 
Favorite Shops: H&M, Gap, Zara, Old Navy
Some of our favorite activities include playing outside, having dance parties, and splashing in the bath!  Our mommy has dressed us in coordinating outfits since day 1!  We have visited Michigan, Wisconsin, and Florida in our 16 months of existence and loved our first plane ride! Our favorite foods include black beans, watermelon and bananas. We are the messiest eaters in all the land!
For Her:  Dress | Hat | Flats
For Him:  Hoodie | Shirt | Jeans | Shoes | Knit Hat

Now it's your turn!  Where do you love to shop for your twins?

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  1. Love this, but I wish you did some ideas for coordinating outfits for two girls or two boys! I like to coordinate my girls and not do matchy matchy ... Maybe next time?!

    1. I agree! I have two girls and I love matching/but not matching :-) Just like to coordinate without having them wearing the exact same thing!