Thursday, September 11, 2014

Fall Fashion for G/G Twins

Last week six fellow moms and I put together a post of coordinated looks for b/g twins.  It was one of my favorite blog posts thus far and I was so sad when it was over.  Except... it wasn't over.  I received several emails/comments from readers asking for g/g and b/b coordinated looks.  Challenge accepted!  

I asked for volunteers via Instagram and was thrilled with the response!  The rules are the same as last week Each twin mom had to choose a different store and absolutely every piece had to come from that store.  Head to toe.  Moms don't have a lot of time to shop at several stores or spend hours scouring the internet, so my hope was we could show you some great coordinated looks that require one quick stop or only one shipping fee (because, let's be honest, shipping fees are THE WORST).    

I hope you enjoy the coordinated girl outfits as much as I doNext week is all about the boys!


Name: Katie English
Store: Old Navy
Twins: Quinn & Delainey, 9 months
Favorite Shops: Target, H&M, Old Navy, OshKosh, and so many Instagram shops!
Adult fashionista I am not, but I love LOVE shopping for outfits for my little ladies. Since I'm an artsy/crafty nerd whose eyes cross when things clash, why not coordinate my little ladies as well? My favorite brands tend to have the same type of shirt or dress in multiple color and pattern options, and then I like to keep at least one or two parts of the outfit matching (like a sweater or pants) to really tie the two outfits together. I'll often splurge on wardrobe staples or a piece that is so cute that I can't pass it up, but the majority of my name brand shopping comes from the Facebook or Instagram twin resale sites. You can't beat already-matching or coordinating sets for a fraction of the price! And lets face it, the more I save means the more I can buy. I'll be in trouble this winter/spring when we reach toddler sizes, because there are so many more cute clothing options out there! 
Girl 1: Sweater | Top | Jeans | Shoes
Girl 2: Dress | Sweater | Shoes


Name: Emily McClenagan
Store: Tea Collection
Twins: Maisie Pearl & Camille Jane, 8 months
Favorite Shops: Tea Collection, Gap, Target, Old Navy
Two things wake me up in the morning, coffee and choosing outfits. It's two tiny creative outlets! My style for them is highlighting whatever I'm in the mood to drool over. When I'm obsessing over their bellies I find the tightest onesie and some leg warmers. Their precious little bottoms? Give me jeggings with a t-shirt. But I’m pretty excited about sweater season (and we have 6 long months of it) in miniature form, so that inspired my board here. I'm enjoying this now because when they are teenagers nothing cute allowed. Just sweatsuits all day long. 
Girl 1: Sweater | Top | Pants | Shoes
Girl 2: Sweater | Top | Pants | Shoes


Name: Hadley Adcock
Store: Gap
Twins: Esther (Essie) & Audrey, 10 months
Favorite Shops: Gap, Nordstrom baby, and Target
I love to dress Essie and Audrey like were going on a girls shopping trip all day. They have very girly/dainty personalities so we never leave without a bow or cute hat on our heads.(and lots of PINK) Flats and Skinny Jeans on a 10 month old, how could it get any cuter? I like vibrant colors!  I tend to coordinate and match them. I like dressing one twin in a solid and the other in a pattern or doing the same shirt but different colors. Dressing the girls is a BLAST and I wish I had half the wardrobe they did. 
Girl 1: Sweater | Top | Jeans | Hat | Shoes
Girl 2: Sweater | Top | Jeans | Hat | Shoes


Name: Ann Marie Tennison
Store: Remembering Nguyen
Twins: Layton & Hadley, 23 months
Favorite Shops: Target, Old Navy and Gap
The girls are typically in matching outfits (because, let's be honest:  it's easy for Momma!). When I find great outfits that come in different colors/patterns, I do buy those!  Yet, when we want something special for a holiday, party or event.... I head to a certain website! How did I find it? My Mom found this website through a friend and ordered a few outfits/dresses for the twins for their baby shower. The dresses in person were even MORE adorable than I could have ever imagined. The quality is great and with stands washing wonderfully. Ps- check out their clearance section. AMAZING deals! Girls are SO much fun to dress! Add a monogram- and this is one happy Momma. Happy shopping! 
(Ann Marie was the one exception to the "one shop only" rule since Remembering Nguyen does not carry shoes or accessories.)
Girl 1: Outfit | Shoes | Headband 
Girl 2: Outfit | Shoes | Headband 


  Name: Jennifer Thompson
Store: Zara
Twins: Cate & Reese, 14 months
Favorite Shops: Gap, Nordstrom, Target, Old Navy
When shopping for the girls, I like to match them every now and again, but most often, I find myself buying coordinating outfits.  I tend to buy things for them that are sweet, modern, and girly, without being too baby-ish. I chose Zara because it's not somewhere I normally shop, but I loved how most of their pieces fit right in with our style (and budget!).  My two Fall outfits would be perfect for church or family pictures.  Just add a big bow for each girl, and we're all set! :) 
Girl 1: Dress | Tights | Boots
Girl 2: Top | Skirt | Tights | Boots


Name: Kelly Tumey
Store: H&M
Twins: Autumn & Natalie, 18 months
Favorite Shops: Target, H&M, Old Navy, Gap
I like to mix classic and street styles; soft colors and clean lines with busy patterns and a pop of color. 

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