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Twin Birth Story: Angela Taylor

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Angela Taylor

Where do you currently live?
North Plainfield, NJ

How far along were you when you found out you were expecting twins? 5 weeks 
Any issues during your pregnancy?
For about 90% of my pregnancy, I didn't feel pregnant at all, other than when I tried to bend over and touch my toes. No morning sickness, no aches and pains, no feeling huge (but I gained almost 40lbs), so it was quite a surprise when I was diagnosed with severe Preeclampsia the day after Christmas. We were at the twins' hour long growth scan at MFM, and halfway through, the doctor came in and took over the ultra sound, and told us that I had +3 protein in my urine. The nurse took my pressure, and it was 140/98, which was really high, I'm usually only 110/70. The Dr advised me to call my OB and had me admitted to the hospital for observation. At the hospital, I had to collect urine for 24 hours (gross) and my pressure was monitored as well.

Memorable/funny moment when you were pregnant: 
I think the most memorable moment was when we first found out we were having twins. I had miscarried the month before, and the lab was monitoring my beta counts to make sure they were going back down to zero. I skipped one because I was out of town for a conference, and later forgot to go back, until they called and asked me to come in. The next day, they called us, very confused: "Uh, your beta counts show that you're VERY pregnant, could you come in for an ultrasound?" During, it was very tense because the last time I was being probed, the tech wouldn't say anything and then the Dr showed us that the screen showed no embryo, just the sac and placenta (blighted ovum, which later 'miscarried' itself). This time, the tech was taking twice as long and STILL not saying anything, and finally she turned it towards me and asked me if I knew what she was pointing to. I asked if that was the embryo, and she said, "Well. That's one of them..." I almost rolled off the table, and it was just the sheer irony of the situation that shocked me. God had taken one miracle away because he had plans to give us two.

Looking back, what is one thing you would tell your pregnant self? I'm a pretty high strung and active person, and since I wasn't feeling pregnant, a part of me didn't really believe it. If I could tell my pregnant self one thing, it would be to slow down and enjoy being pregnant. I kind of 'rushed through it' it feels like, and I hated being coddled and spoiled because "you're pregnant, let someone else do it for you." LET YOURSELF BE PAMPERED.

How many weeks/days were you when your twins were born?
37 weeks and 1 day

Baby A's Information: 
Victoria Elizabeth
December 29, 2013 
8:29 am
6 lbs
18.25 in 

Baby B's Information: Olivia Lauren
December 29, 2013  
8:37 am
4 lbs 9 oz  
17.75 in

Are your twins identical? No  

Did you have a c-section or natural delivery?  I was able to have a natural delivery, thanks to my wonderful OB. I did a lot of hunting around for an OB who encouraged natural, un-medicated twin births. She ended up being a little far (30 mins) of a drive, but SO worth it. After being admitted and monitored, Friday the 27th, around 8pm, they inserted Cervadil to induce labor, and while it kicked in around 10pm, the contractions were 3 minutes apart, and not painful, they kind of felt like how a let down feels. I remained at 1cm dilated until the next morning (Saturday), when they took out the Cervadil, and started me on Oxytocin. I wasn't allowed to eat anything but jello and water, I wasn't allowed to walk the babies out, I was bored, and GRUMPY. Later that evening, after finally being allowed a shower and dinner, they broke baby A's water, in hopes that I would dilate further (at almost 4cm), and up-ed the dosage of Oxy. At around 10pm, I had not progressed anywhere, but the contractions were becoming way more than I could handle. Like, I knew I would be upset with myself for getting an epidural, but as they were coming at an average of every 3 minutes still, and it felt like my pelvis was being crushed by a truck, I wanted drugs, and I wanted them pronto. The epidural itself did not hurt, at all, barely a pinch. However, having to sleep flat on my back due to heart monitors and bp cuffs did not do so good for my neck, and going into labor with neck pain was NOT fun. 4am on Sunday the 19th, they checked my cervix, and it was at an 8!!! If I had known the epidural was going to progress my labor, I would have asked for it from the get go! Around 7:30, I was ready to go, and I pushed for about half an hour to try and see if Victoria's head would make her way down. They then wheeled me to the OR, as a precaution with all twin births, and realized that her head was lodged in the birth canal. The Dr used forceps to guide her head out, causing a minor hematoma on her head, and she was out in 4 or 5 pushes. Olivia followed soon after, with very little effort. They wheeled us all to my post-partum room, and I was so nauseous from the epi, and the fact that the hospital had starved me, I vomited bile the entire way. In the room, we attempted to nurse, and while Olivia latched right away, Victoria went right to sleep, I suppose she was super extra tired because of how much more effort it took to get her out.

Any NICU time? If yes, for what reason and how long? 
No NICU, thanks be to God. However, they were monitored in room for bilirubin levels due to a hematoma on Victoria's head, and Olivia for being slightly premature.

Did you have any complications after delivery?
Since I was admitted due to pre-eclampsia, the nurses monitored me every hour to make sure my pressure was going down. Being bothered every hour when trying to rest, naturally I got fairly agitated and it did NOT go down. It stayed a pretty consistent 150/100 the entire time, and I was almost denied discharge until I got my OB to intercede for me. 2 hours after we got home? 116/78.

How long did you (the parents) stay in the hospital? 
Admitted the afternoon of the 26th, discharged 2 days post-partum (31st).

Did your twins stay with you or in the hospital nursery at night?
They stayed with us from the moment they were born, they never left my side.

What are three things you are so glad you had (or wish you would have had) at the hospital? 
After being in labor for over 36 hours, I was so glad to finally be able to sleep. Since we were rushed to the hospital the day after Christmas, and I had anticipated lasting at least another week, I had nothing packed. I had my laptop and Netflix, and that was for while I was under observation. Post-partum, if I wasn't sleeping I was in awe of my tiny human beings.
Describe one of your favorite moments while you were at the hospital:
One of the perks the hospital offered for post-partum care was a complimentary massage. Since the epidural and the position I was in during labor had screwed up my neck, I was super eager for it. It was the most relaxing and liberating half an hour I have ever or will ever have.

If you had one piece of advice you could give an expecting mom of twins, what would it be?
One of the best things about having twins, is that you do everything once, and then you're done. I'd get in the habit of keeping both babies on the same schedule, diapers, feedings, etc. I know it's harder because you may not always have a second set of hands, but it's better than feeding one baby, waiting for and then feeding the other, and wouldn't you know it it's time to feed the first baby again. My girls didn't have a problem being woken up, and it only a feeding or two to get back on 'schedule' should we ever fall away from it.

Angela's Blog: Twenty Something and Twins



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