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Twin Birth Story: Kasey Wilbanks

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Kasey Wilbanks

Where do you currently live?
Carthage, Mississippi

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Twin Birth Story: Courtney Frisbee

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Courtney Frisbee

Where do you currently live?
Cedar Hills, Utah

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Twin Birth Story: Jen

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Where do you currently live?
Monmouth County, NJ

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Twin Birth Story: Michelle Hunter

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Michelle Hunter

Where do you currently live?
Ennis, TX

Friday, August 22, 2014

Twin Birth Story: Karly

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Name: Karly

Where do you currently live? Forney, Texas

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Party Planning | Birthday Preparation from an Expert

I have this friend.  She's my best friend, actually.. and she is UH-mazing.  We all have friends like that, right?  I hope you do. For your own sake..
This friend of mine is an event planner, and in turn never leaves a detail behind when it comes to developing an idea for all kinds of events - from weddings to birthday parties, and even as simple as dinner.  Dinner at Ashley's house is always a 4 course event.  I feel like calling it just 'dinner' doesn't do justice. Plus, she's a really good cook. 

ANYway.  Whenever I have an event or party coming up I always seek her out for resources and assistance and she never lets me down.  It honestly frightens me to think about how my parties would turn out if I didn't have her pushing me along to create the very best bang (for my buck).  That being said, my skills have improved after years of friendship, and I've got some confidence in myself for getting things done effectively.   

I've planned many many parties and events with Ashley's talents (and they are 100% her talent, you guys) and each and every time they come out beautifully.  Just a few (pintrestable) events I've been apart of:
Ashley's Wedding (Every detail was remembered- right down to the matchbooks..)
Vintage Tea Party Baby Shower (My most trafficked post- over 12,000 visits to date.  Featured in multiple online collections for most unique baby shower themes)
Styled Events

We have been asked time and time again for assistance with party planning (first birthday assistance seems to be the biggest request), and with the help of the expert, I have come up with some key points to follow along when planning your party event.
Well- really.  There is just one Ashley.  Call her.  
The End.

Choose a Date
     - Saturdays or Sundays are usually better for the guests of a first birthday party.  Lots of family and friends of the adults tend to come to this type of party, so making it convent for them is your best bet.  I have been to a few parties on a random Tuesday, and that most often works out for small events and young children are in attendance
     - Near a holiday? If so you may want to consider having the party earlier or later in the month.  Parker and Jolie's party was in the month of December, but still early enough it didn't conflict with holiday events.   

- Choose a Time
      - Managing nap time for young toddlers is key for a successful (and non-breakdown) event. Choose a time that is best for your little, but also know that there will be some guests that do not attend due to their own schedules, and that's ok.
      - Also- be sure to consider your Guest List.  Do you have a lot of families coming? Are there people with children in sports at that time?  Spring and Summer can be tough for weekend events due to the sports schedules.  Earlier in the morning or later in the afternoon can be a good place to start for a time.

Choose a Theme
The theme is your most important piece of the puzzle.  It is what brings to event together as one.   It can be as simple as a color theme (black and white), or take a more specific approach.  In these first few years of birthday party planning, you (the parent) have the control and say so.    
       - A favorite character.  
       - Color Scheme
       - Play on "One" for a first birthday i.e.; Winter ONEderland; Alice in ONEderland
       - Nursery Theme

- The Guest List
       - Large or small; your choice most definitely effects the budget.  Be mindful of the guests and how many they bring with them.. cousins with 5 kids, most likely will bring their 5 kids:) 

Invitations and Printables
These are the most fun to plan and design.  This can be done a variety of ways - DIY is very common and pretty easy to do so these days, but finding someone to help create them for you can relieve some stress when planning every other detail of the event coming up. 
       - ETSY.  The greatest online database on this planet.  I am not computer creative, and so my go-to is the Etsy marketplace for outsourcing this sort of thing.

       -Sarah (CKFIreboots on Etsy or email her HERE) is our favorite for printables and invites. Ashley and I keep her busy, busy, busy!

       - Try to send out invitations at least one month in advance and even sooner if the event is around a holiday.  The greatest convenience to your guests is to be able to plan around your date, and in turn make it easier for them to actually attend.  Getting an invite in the mail just a couple weeks in advance can make it difficult - especially for families. 
       - THE Printable Staples to make the party details special

               - Food labels - such a special touch to the food table
               - Drink labels
               - Quotes - printed and displayed in picture frames to go along with the theme of the party
               - Banner 

How to stay organized

       - Pinterest.  What did we all do before Pinterest?? We love to create a private board for inspiration. This is your place to find ideas for décor, menu, take homes for the guests - literally anything you can possibly need or think of, you will find it on Pinterest.

       - Ashley is the KING of organization.  If I could share one of the many email chains between Ashley and myself when planning a party or event together, you would be overwhelmed with the details. Ashley generally creates an email draft with every detail possible (link lists, menu ideas, theme, dates, vendor selections) and continuously add to and delete it as things for the party come together.  But the end of it all, the email is rainbow colored due to the change in ink color after each reply.   

Choose a Menu
Here in America our social events are almost always surrounded by food- so this part in planning could essentially be the most important.  
       - Time of day dictates your menu selection.  Planning around nap time (morning or afternoon) can be a big part of deciding what to serve. 
             - Brunch
             - Lunch
             - Heavy afternoon snacks
             - Dessert only option

        - Consider your audience. If there are a lot of children, be sure to have kid friendly options. If there are a lot of men in your family or friend pool, be sure to have heavier items available regardless of the time of day you are hosting them.  

Think Décor

       - Do a quick Pinterest search of your decided theme. Be creative. Don't just recreate a party you see on there. Make it your own and pinterestable.

Chalkboard signs by Sugarbub Designs | @sugarbubdesigns

       - DIY.  Another decision factor that depends on budget for the event.  Ask yourself: is it worth the time and effort to make on your own, or would it be worth spending the money on the same thing for someone else to make it?  DIY invites and printables aren't an option for me personally - but can be an easy one for some.  Luckily these are relatively inexpensive, but things like banners, tassels and such can add up quickly and easily become out of control. This is a great way to cut budget costs and save where needed.  
       - Photos of your littles - the guest of honor!  

              - Professional pictures are always fun to have, but candid photos are just as great.
              - In the example of a birthday party event, share (monthly) photos over the first year, and find a cute way to show these off (banner or a bulletin board)
       - What in your home (or family/friends' home) can you repurpose for the party?  I always outsource this to my mother in law for little things like votive candles or picture frames.  Serving dishes, too!

       - If you have to purchase some decor, shop wisely.  Always hit up the sales and discount stores like HomeGoods and TJ Maxx, etc.  Hobby Lobby ALWAYS has a coupon and most often has a sale of some sort.

Take Homes

       - What is your guest going to take home with them to remember the party?
       - Make it simple, useful
       - If a lot of children are attending your party,  goodie bags are a fun way to go.  
       - Skip the "junk" and try fewer items rather than a lot of cheap trinket ones.  Puzzles, coloring books with crayons, mini figurines, etc.  Offer something that will actually be useful after they leave.

Food items to take home like trail mix or personalized sugar cookies are a good touch if tangible items aren't the way to go for your theme.

- Photographer or Photo Booth

Pictures!  make memories of this event you've planned.  You want to capture this fun time and milestone (as well as all your hard work in planning!)  
       - friend or family member
       - professional photographer.  This can be very pricey - but there are some affordable ones out there.  Having someone else take your pictures and capture the event professionally can be so special for looking back to.  They tend to understand the event itself and examine the surroundings.  Not just 54 pictures of opening presents.
       - Photo Booth.  Super trending, but a really inexpensive way to add detail to your party.  Have a bucket or suitcase full of cheap costume props (hats, sunglasses, boas, wands) and let your guests have fun with it! 
Photographer References

There you have it.  The basics {and a great place to start} for planning your (first birthday) party.  It can be a lot of fun, but a lot of stress if you find yourself unorganized.  

For Ashley's (amazing) assistance in your planning needs feel free to email her HERE.

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Twin Talk 2K Giveaway!

It's been a little over five months since Twin Talk's introductory post and we've been absolutely amazed by the response.  We've watched twin moms come together from all over the world and help each other, love each other, and do life together.  We're all still sleep-deprived and in need of a vacation, but it's been such a blessing to have a place to connect.  It's what Amber and I so desperately wanted during our own twin pregnancies.  And now that we're learning what life is like with (two) toddlers, it's filled yet another need.  A book about twins can't touch life experiences and we love that we've learned just as much as we've shared.

We're humbled by the steady growth of Twin Talk's blog, Instagram, and Facebook page.  We're close to having 2,000 followers on Instagram, which is why we are so excited to announce our Twin Talk 2K Giveaway!  Last month we reached out to twin (and triplet!) mom small business owners and asked if anyone wanted to participate in a big one-week giveaway.  We received so many responses that we extended the giveaway to two weeks and have another giveaway in the works for September. 

If you've been wondering if you need to join Instagram, the answer is YES.  Right now.  And let us be your first friend (@twintalkblog)!  Over the next two weeks (starting TODAY!) you have the opportunity to win 10 different prizes, all made with love from fellow twin moms!
 Thanks for your continued support!   We couldn't do it without you!
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Twin Birth Story: Amanda

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Where do you currently live?
Dallas, Texas

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Opening an Instagram Resale Shop

When you're buying for two at a time, clothes add up (both price and amount) quickly.  Since Michael and I are 94.7% sure we're done having kids (that percentage changes all of the time but has yet to dip below 90), I opened an Instagram shop last year so I could sell Jude & Sloane's clothes: @judeandsloanescloset. (Amber has one too: @shopmasseya)

Selling clothes on Instagram has become quite popular and for good reason: It's simple and profitable for the seller and gives the buyer the ability to shop from the comfort of their own home.  Or office.  Or wherever they might be when the sale takes place.  I've had several friends ask for Instagram shop tips so I'm going to share what has worked for me.  My hope is it'll convince you to dig through your overflowing closets and open a shop as well (after letting me know, of course - I will be your first follower)!


1. Once you come up with a name/password, edit your profile and include basic information (Mine says: Shipping is included. First PayPal email wins. Must pay within 24 hours. US only. All sales are final.) 

2. Create a Welcome post so your buyers know who you are.  Give a bit of background information on yourself and your kids.  It's all about trust when people are purchasing items from a stranger - let them see the faces behind the clothes!

3. Create a Shop Policies post that includes all of your requirements.  Give it its own hashtag so you can refer to it before every sale.  My shop policies: Thank you for following @judeandsloanescloset! A few items to discuss before the sale begins: Shipping is included in the price. | Payment is required within 24 hours of invoice receipt. | You must have a PayPal email address - US residents only. | I'm going to list ALL items before answering questions. If you want an item but have a question, include your email address in the comment (first email address wins). | "Share for $1 off" promotion ends before the sale begins! | I will offer a shipping discount if multiple items are purchased. | I think that's it! Thanks everyone! 

4. Introduce your shop on your personal IG account.  Ask your friends to do the same.  


1. Consider the season.  If it's August, it's probably not a good time to sell swimsuits and tank tops.  Instead, post all fall and winter clothing.  Save the spring/summer clothing for a March or April sale.

2  Price items to sell.  If you price a child's Target top at $15, it's going to sit on your IG feed forever and snickers will be heard around the world.  I typically sell clothes for at least 50% off what I paid for them and that is only if they are in mint condition.

3.  Include shipping in the price.  I did a blog sale once and had all sorts of rules for shipping/number of items.  It was such a headache.  Assume shipping is going to cost around $2.50 for each item. 

4. Spend time taking pictures of the items.  Use a room that offers good lighting and a backdrop that doesn't take away from the item (I use white posterboard unless the item is too big or is light colored).  Make sure the entire item is included in the picture (if you have an iPhone, switch it to take square pictures so you don't have to crop later).  DO NOT use filters.

5.  If there is a spot, hole, stain, ANYTHING on the item, you need to mention it and include a separate "detail picture."

6. Include brand, color (sometimes pictures are deceptive), size, and price in your description.  Make sure you say "$9 shipped" if shipping is included.

7.  Before you start your sale, have all of the item descriptions ready to go so you can simply copy/paste in Instagram.  I keep the descriptions in my iPhone notes.  Your buyers' time is precious - do not make them wait 15 minutes between items.

8. Promote your sale/shop on your personal IG a day or two before the sale.  Offer a small discount ($1-2) if people re-post your sale.  I typically post a small collage of items I will be selling (I use InstaCollage and Typic apps on my phone to create these images).


1. Give a 30-minute warning post that reminds people to read your shop policies (include the Shop Policies hashtag) and let them know you will not be answering questions until the sale is over.

2.  Have an order to your pictures.  For example, if you are selling boys/girls clothing, list all girls clothing before moving to boys (or vice-versa).  Start with small sizes and work up to larger sizes.  Typically I post Jude's clothes first (smallest to largest) and then move to Sloane's clothes (smallest to largest). I've also seen some adorable shops that pair b/g items together and sell them as a packaged deal. 

3. Post, post, post!  Have something to drink nearby! :) I always have my sales at night when the kids are asleep.  This gives most moms a chance to see your sale.


1.  Like anything else, there is Instagram Sale etiquette.  If someone leaves their paypal address but asks a question, it should be their item unless they opt to pass.  It is also their responsibility to confirm quickly - you are not required to wait a month before moving on to the next person.

2.  Always include an end post so buyers know the sale is over and that you will now be answering questions.  It's also helpful to mention if the buyer's profile is private they will not receive an alert that you responded (even if you tag them).  It is their responsibility to go back and look at the post.

3.  Answer any questions and tag the person who won the item to let them know the item is theirs. 

4. Create a hashtag for all unsold items (e.g., #judesclosetstillavailable) and tag remaining items so buyers don't have to scroll through dozens of pictures.  Post a picture and include the hashtag(s) so buyers can click on it and immediately see all that's left.  

5. If you are desperate to get rid of everything, immediately offer a discount for remaining items or allow buyers to make you an offer.  Otherwise, wait a few days before lowering prices.


1.  PayPal makes invoicing so simple.  They do take a $0.30 + 2.9% sale fee for each invoice so keep that in mind when pricing your item (FYI: If you plan to sell something for $4 shipped, you've made approximately zero cents after PayPal fees and shipping).

2.  Offer a shipping bundle discount.  One item costs $2.50 to ship.  Three items DO NOT cost $7.50 to ship.  If someone purchases multiple items, deduct a certain amount off of the invoice (e.g., $1 off each additional item purchased, etc.).  

3. When creating the invoice, give a detailed description of the item so the buyer knows exactly what they are purchasing (it's a good check for both of you).  Send the invoice within 24-hours of the sale ending.

4. I ask that all invoices are paid within 24 hours but I usually give the buyer 48 hours and one reminder email.  After that, I cancel the invoice.  If someone else was interested in the item I send them an invoice, otherwise I repost the item.  Many shop owners have a zero tolerance rule and will block those who do not pay.  I like to give everyone a certain amount of grace but if I notice a non-paying pattern (which I haven't), I will block the user.


1. I ship all of my items in poly mailer envelopes, which are so cheap on Amazon and weigh nothing. My goal is to have all items shipped within 48 hours of payment (I also try to keep the number of post office trips to a minimum).  

2. I do not include tracking on items (keeps costs down) but I always put my return address on the package.

3. Once the item has shipped, remove it from your IG shop!


1. Once you've completed your sale, ask for Feedback.  Keep this post yon your IG sale page so others can read about the quality of your clothing and the timeliness of your shipping.  

Good luck!!


If you haven't noticed, I try to go above and beyond to make the shopping experience as enjoyable as possible. Several of the tips above are not required, but I've had such positive feedback that I will continue putting forth the extra effort to make it fun for everyone.

Do you have your own IG shop?  If so, what tips do you have?  Leave a comment with your shop name so we can follow you! (Ps.  I'm having a sale next week!  I'd love to sell you some quality b/g toddler clothes!  @judeandsloanescloset)

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Day in the Life: 7 months

Our "Day in the Life" series continues with Hailey and her 7-month-old twin boys!


Hi, I'm Hailey! My husband and I were married in 2012 and we live in a small town in North Carolina. I stay at home with our boys and Justin runs a family business. We talked about kids on our honeymoon (pretty sure I talked about them on our first date, ha!) but we knew it was best for us to enjoy married life and get used to living together before we added a baby to the mix. After a few months of trying, we found out I was pregnant and at 9 weeks, found out we were having twins. Whew. I don't think we will ever forget that special yet scary news!!

If you skip past the first 18 weeks of major ALL day sickness, I had a great, uneventful pregnancy. Making it to my goal of 37 weeks, our boys were born December 6, 2013 via c-section (my choice). Rowen Thompson (a) was born at 7:50am weighing 5lb15oz and Parker Warren was born a minute later weighing 6lb3oz. Both boys were perfectly healthy and after a few great days in the hospital, we headed home to start our life as a family of 5... Can't forget our first fur baby!

I feel so blessed that breastfeeding came easy for the three of us. From day one, they latched and ate great, I was able to keep my supply up and they got on the same schedule very quickly! Thanks to the wonderful My BrestFriend Twin Pillow, tandem feeding is what has worked best for us these past 7 months. I EBF for six months and loved every second of it but when the boys were six months old, our nursing sessions would leave us all in tears within minutes. They began to only nurse for 2-3 minutes, scream and 30 minutes later want to eat again. ALL DAY LONG. I did everything possible to build up my supply but honestly, it was wearing me out both mentally and physically. We did that for probably three weeks and after lots of prayers, I (my husband too) decided to start supplementing a few times a day. I won't lie, it was very hard for me to come to terms with it but it has been the best decision for us. Now we do both, the first AM and last PM feeding are always a nursing session and they do great, nursing for 10-15 minutes. I don't think we are ready to be completely done with it, so thankfully my supply is still there and I am still able to nurse on demand if needed.
I love when they fall asleep while nursing
Like everyone else has said, not every day is the same! We have days (lots of days) where crib naps don't happen, babies fuss all day, nothing around the house gets done and we stay in our comfy clothes, but no matter what our day is like, I am thankful I get to stay at home and watch my babies learn and grow every day!! I wouldn't trade it for anything in this world. It is my dream come true!

Here is look into our day!


6:28 am- Rowen starts waking up and crawling around in his crib; just a few minutes later Parker starts doing the same. I get up and go in their room to get them out of their cribs, change their diapers and they nurse for 8 minutes.

6:50 am- We usually go downstairs after they nurse but I'm a little tired this morning so I try to put them in our bed and see if they will go to sleep. Rowen actually falls right asleep but Parker is ready for the day! My husband is up so he takes P with him in our sitting area/closet while he finishes getting ready .

7:30 am- That didn't last long so we get up and go downstairs. The boys play on the floor. I turn on The Today Show (we start EVERY morning with our favorite news anchors!), fix a cup of coffee and scan through my IG.

8:00 am- Daddy tells us bye and he's off to work.

8:07 am- The boys are acting hungry so I go ahead and give them a 7oz bottle. I unload the dish washer while they lay on their boppys and eat (thank God for them being able to hold their own bottles. AMEN).

8:20 am- Finished bottles and continue to play on the floor. I have another cup of coffee and sit down for a few minutes on the floor to play/watch TDS. I put them in the jumparoo and exersaucer.

9:00 am- I change diapers then get them in their high chairs to eat "breakfast." They are having peach/pear oatmeal. After they are done eating, I let them sit there and we sing songs. We've been using our travel high chairs because we couldn't decide on ones we liked, finally decided today! *Honest moment: I started making their baby food but lately I just buy organic baby food at the store!
Not happy about me taking a picture first
9:16 am- Change diapers again and I put them in the mamaRoo. They fuss for a few minutes but P falls asleep first and Rowen falls asleep at 9:25 am. This nap is usually in the stroller or in the mamaRoo. Most mornings, we go for a run. They love the stroller and are usually asleep within minutes. Road work outside our house this morning, so no run for us.
*My kids are terrible nappers/terrible about falling asleep. I blame myself a little for this one because during the first few months, they napped a lot on me after they nursed. I do not regret it though, those were the best naps and cuddles. If you follow me on IG, I'm sure you thought that is all we did the first 4 months. Haha!

9:30 am-My mom texts me and asks if we want to meet for lunch. Of course we do!! I go upstairs and pick out their outfits and try to figure out what I'll wear. I start getting ready. I pack the diaper bag while it's on my mind. I take Maddie outside.

10:00 am- Parker is awake so I bring him in our room while I iron my clothes. He loves to crawl and check everything out.

10:12 am- Rowen is awake. I change diapers and they get in their jumparoo and exersaucer. I realize I didn't eat breakfast so I eat some yogurt real quick.

10:45 am- I give them a 7oz bottle while they lay on their boppys and I run upstairs to change clothes and finish getting ready.

10:52 am- Both finish those super fast but I'm glad since I still have to get them ready and out the door. I change Parker's diaper, freshen him up and change his clothes, put him back in the exersaucer while I do the same to Rowen.

11:08 am- Load them in their car seats, grab my diaper bag, and then one by one load them in the car. Those car seats are getting VERY heavy with 20 lb babies in them. I think I am going to start leaving the car seats in the car.

-----If we do something during the day, we usually do it around 11/11:30 am. Lately, we head out to the pool with friends or we go out to lunch.

11:20 am- Late as usual but I think everyone expects that, haha. Both boys are asleep but wake up as soon as I put my car in park. I check their diapers but all good. We head inside to eat lunch. They get to sit in high chairs, which they love. Most places we leave them in their stroller in the big seats. We get lots of attention at the restaurant. I give them their sippy cups but they just play with them.

12 pm-We head back home and they both fall asleep in the car. I pull into the driveway and they sleep for 15 more minutes.

12:15 pm- We get inside and I unload them, change diapers and let them play for a few minutes.

12:33 pm- I feed them lunch. They have apple/mango/carrots and a little bit of Banana Yobaby Yogurt (we will do a morning snack of yogurt most days)! I try to practice "mama, da-da, bye" and a few other things. We sing a few songs.

12:50 pm- Time for a NAP! We head upstairs and read while I rock them in the glider. Brown Bear Brown Bear and Peekaboo Sophie are favorites right now. Thought they were tired but they fight this one pretty hard. Decide to put them in their cribs but that does nothing. Rowen isn't screaming so I go ahead and nurse Parker to sleep, which only takes a few minutes. I put him down in his crib asleep (1:25 pm) and get Rowen out. I try to nurse him but he doesn't want to, but after a few minutes of rocking him, he's out. Put him in his crib (1:43 pm) and I head downstairs. I switch out laundry, pick up toys and clean the kitchen counters. I text my best friend who was also doing the same thing with her little girl. We talk about how this is one of the hardest parts about being a mom right now--them fighting sleep when you know they're exhausted.

2:47 pm- Ro wakes up and it wakes Parker up. We come downstairs, change diapers and fix 6oz bottles.

2:56 pm- They finish their bottles so they start playing. They are both GRUMPY and into everything.

3:07 pm- I put them in the jumparoo and exersaucer so they will leave each other alone. Ha!

3:18 pm- My in-laws stop by to see the boys! The boys are in better moods now. I clean bottles while they play.

4:10 pm- They leave so I get down on the floor and play with the boys. We play with their box of shapes. They crawl all over me and love to pull up.

4:20 pm- I turn on Preschool Prep Colors DVD (the boys love it and I can get some stuff done). I fold baby laundry, put towels in the dryer and put my clothes in the wash.

4:25 pm- WOW. Rowen falls asleep on his own
4:29 pm- And WOW again, Parker falls asleep on his own.
**I usually have to sit in front of the mamaRoo and sing/play music for a few minutes.

I finish folding laundry then sit down to catch up on IG. I text my twin mom besties, they keep me sane a lot of days!!

5:00 pm- Both are awake, Parker's cry woke Rowen up!

5:08 pm- Change diapers and we head outside to swing. I usually do this or put them in the stroller and walk around. Anything to help witching hour. They love being outside!

5:30 pm- Justin calls and we decide on dinner (takeout, like most nights). I bring the boys back inside, change diapers and we play with toys. They are kinda fussy.

5:40 pm- They get a 6oz bottle and I watch the local news/weather.

5:55 pm- Daddy's home!!!! He plays with the boys while I take Maddie out. I get our food out and we eat while the boys play (they whine a little bit, wanting us to play)

6:15 pm- My mom stops by on her way home. She helps me with the boys while Justin does a few things around the house.

6:30 pm- Feed them dinner. Mixed Veggies and Bananas. I give them a few sliced oranges to practice hand/eye.

6:45 pm- Head upstairs to give baths. I take Rowen while my husband keeps Parker downstairs. We get one on one time with each baby! Justin usually plays music for them and they LOVE it. We do baths every night and have since we started Moms on Call when the boys were 8 weeks old! If Justin has a meeting or something where I have to do baths by myself, I have recently started to put a Bumbo in the bathtub and the other baby in the baby bath.  It works great since I can't just lay one beside me on a bath towel anymore without him crawling away.

7:00 pm -I bring Rowen downstairs and take Parker back up to give him a bath.

7:10 pm- We come downstairs for a few minutes. Rowen is sound asleep on Justin's lap.

7:15 pm-Head back upstairs and I nurse them and then rock them to sleep in the glider.  We put them in their cribs and both stay asleep (some nights we have to rock them again because they wake up when we put them down, thanks to the lowered crib now).

7:20 pm- I change into my pajamas and go downstairs to clean up the house.

8:15 pm- Parker wakes up so Justin goes upstairs. Just needs a few bottom pats and he is back to sleep.

10:00 pm- We head upstairs to bed and not long after, Rowen wakes up. He has a wet diaper so I change him and he goes back to sleep. I check Parker and go ahead and change his diaper too. I get in bed and fall asleep.

12:03 am- Parker wakes up. He needs to be rocked back to sleep.

12:20 am- I go back to bed!!!

So there you have it! That is what Tuesday, July 22nd looked like at our house. I can assure you tomorrow won't be the same but for the most part that is how our days go. It makes me sad how fast my babies are growing but I have to say so far month 7 is my favorite!

Thanks for reading about our day!


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