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Twin Birth Story: Cassie Parker

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Name: Cassie Parker

Where do you currently live? Kansas City, MO

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Twin Birth Story: Kim Swart

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Kim Swart

Where do you currently live? 
Pineville, Louisiana

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Twin Birth Story: Eryka

This week we continue with your Birth Stories!  
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Where do you currently live? 
Bountiful, UT

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Twin Birth Story: Kayla Beck

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Kayla Beck

Where do you currently live?
Oxford, MS

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Twin Birth Story: Katherine

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Where do you currently live?
Houston, Texas

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Twin Birth Story: Alissa Wesley

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Alissa Wesley

Where do you currently live? Norman, Oklahoma

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Day In The Life: 6 Months

Our "Day in the Life" series continues with Ashley and her 6-month-old b/g twins (and 5-year-old son)!


Hi, I'm Ashley!  I volunteered to do a "Day in the Life" of 6-month-old twins for Twin Talk Blog a few weeks ago and I've been excited about it since then! Our twins are finally on a somewhat predictable schedule and thankfully we are coming out of the sleep deprived hole.  Things are getting fun now and the twins are interacting with us and learning new things everyday.  Hopefully I can give you a small glimpse into what a typical day might be like for us with our twins plus our 5-year-old son.  It's interesting to say the least.  I hope to be real and honest because it is full of amazing and wonderful things,  but is also really hard at times!

Photo cred to
If you are looking for an amazing photographer and live in the Northern Virginia area, check her out!
My husband, Thad,  and I were married in 2005 and welcomed our first child, Samuel, in 2009.  I had always envisioned my children being super close in age, about two years apart.  We started thinking about a second child when Samuel was about 16 months old.  Little did we know that we wouldn't make him a big brother until he was 4 1/2.  After multiple fertility treatments and two miscarriages, we welcomed Tess Rebecca and Holden George on December 18th, 2013. Holden arrived first weighing 6lbs 12 oz and Tess came three minutes later weighing 6lbs 1oz.  I feel extremely blessed to have carried these babies to term and still feel overwhelmed with gratitude when I think back on it. 

About to be wheeled in for the scheduled C-section

Proud daddy, Holden, Tess and momma

Both babies were very healthy and did amazingingly well. Neither baby needed any respiratory support and they were both wheeled out with us into recovery.  I was very sick for the next 12 hours so everything is a bit hazy for me, but the memory that remains is one of excitement, fear, and immense LOVE!

The first few months were for sure a big blur! We celebrated Christmas as a family of 5, did lots and lots of naps, and stayed indoors because we had an awful winter in DC this year.  Managing newborn twins with a rambunctious "almost" 5-year-old was a challenge to say the least.  Samuel can be such a huge help at times, and it is wonderful that he can do things on his own for the most part. On the other hand, he has had us to himself for the last four years and sharing us with not one, but TWO babies can be hard on a little guy.  We try to get out and about almost everyday.  I have people tell me all of the time that I'm one brave lady to get out with two babies and another child and my reply is always "I'd be crazy to stay at home!" I don't always get a shower and Samuel's crazy bedhead may not always be combed...but I do it!  It's part of keeping my sanity!

From our recent trip to Disney...with 6 month old twins.  Crazy?
A day in our house with the babies and a 5-year-old varies from day to day,  and week to week.  Samuel was in preschool every morning until the last week of May so our days look much different now.  They are also five times more exhausting! When Samuel was a baby I was very strict about naps and honestly he rarely missed one.  For the most part he was always in his crib.  The twins, on the other hand, are usually in the car, car seat or stroller for at least one of their naps.  It's just life when you have an older child and I actually don't miss it.  Like I said, I like to get out so being tied to the house for naps is extremely hard for me.  We are always home for one of them so I'm okay with that:)

The following is a rough idea of how a typical day can go in our house.  I will just give an example of an outing that we might do but this changes from day to day now that it's summer.  The feeding times, play times and naps remain the same from day to day for the most part. 

6:30 am  The babies begin to stir in their cribs.  If they wake much earlier than this we sometimes put them in the swings (in their rooms! I'll touch on this more soon) to give us a few more minutes of precious sleep.  This is where having an older child helps out.  Samuel is and has always been an early riser.  He can now come downstairs by himself, pour some cereal and put on a show.  This works out great especially if the twins go back to sleep for a bit!

7:00 am  The babies get their first bottles of the day.  Holden takes 8oz of Gentlease Formula and Tess takes 6oz of Enfamil AR for reflux.  We discovered the Baby Brezza Formula Pro early on and it changed our lives. Best purchase!

7:30 am  Each baby has "playtime." This involves the exersaucer, the jumperoo, play mat or just bouncing with mom or dad.  This is usually our time to make coffee and check email, get Samuel fed and pick up a bit.

8:00 am  Breakfast!  The babies have recently begun to expect solids for breakfast and will be extremely vocal if they don't get it NOW!! Food usually consists of whole milk yogurt mixed with a pureed fruit.  I won't get too long winded about their food but I will say that making it is soooo much cheaper with twins but I get lazy sometimes.  I'm a loyal customer of Zulily and have recently hit the jackpot with organic baby food on the website.  So, with that being said, it's totally a mix of store bought organic food with homemade food by mom.  The twins love both so I'm good with it!

8:30 am  Nap time!  This, sadly, is one of my favorite times of the day.  The twins usually take a solid 1 1/2 hour nap so I can actually get myself and Samuel dressed...or just lay around and drink coffee.  It varies from day to day. :)  The babies still take all of their naps in the swing.  We are well aware that it is time to move them but let's be honest!  I can't seem to give up at least three hours of great napping.  I know they will adjust but that time is so precious to me.  So, for now, we nap in the swings!

10:00 am  Tess is usually the first to wake up.  If this is the case and we don't have anywhere to be, then I will feed her and let Holden sleep for a bit.  If we are going somewhere, then I will wake Holden up, dress them both, and feed them at the same time.  Feeding them simultaneously has become easy for me now that they have better head control.  I hold Tess facing out and with her bottle in my left hand.  I lay Holden down on the boppy lounger and feed him with my right hand. We also have two of the Podee bottles!  I have to say that these are amazing inventions!  I still love to hold my babies but if I'm in a bind and they need to eat while we are on the move, then I give them these bottles and they rock!

I was testing the Podee out for the first time here.

10:30 am  Out the door!  Outings can consist museums, fun outings to DC, grocery store or other errands such as Target, the mall, the park (mainly for Samuel), lunch with friends, a walk, etc.

11:30 am  Lunchtime for everyone.  We are still adjusting to feeding Tess and Holden at lunch but I think they are starting to expect it as well.  We usually just do a fruit or veggie..and they eat anywhere from 1-2 pouches between the two of them. 

12:15 pm  At this point of the day, the babies are starting to get fussy.  When Samuel was in school I didn't want to put them down for a nap because I had to pick him up at 1 pm.  Now, we are usually out so I just let them cat nap wherever we are.  Sometimes they sleep, sometimes they don't.  You are guaranteed a fuss from at least one of them but they usually settle!

1:00 pm  Home for bottles.  Tess gets 6oz, Holden gets 8oz.  I feed them at the same time again so I can put them down at the same time.  We  have had a new development as of today..they can hold their own bottles!  I still have to assist a bit but this changes everything!

1:30 pm  Play for a few minutes in the exersaucer or floor, swing outside, etc.

2:00 pm  Nap time.  Lately this nap time has been awesome.  They sleep until 4 or 4:30.  This is the time when Samuel and I will play outside, do a board game, watch a show or play downstairs with his toys.  I'm usually exhausted by this point but I know he needs one-on-one time.  Trust me though, I'm usually the one who suggests a show so I can take a little cat nap:)

4:30 pm  Twins are up and Tess is MAD!  Girl wants a bottle and she wants it NOW!  I usually only feed her about 4oz because I feed them solids at 5 or 5:30.  She guzzles and is happy for a few minutes.  Holden is up and playing and happy as a clam.  He is for sure our most easy-going, calm-natured kiddo! He doesn't usually get a bottle at this point but is starving when the high chairs come out.

5:00 pm  Dinnertime for babies and occasionally for a "hangry" 5-year-old.  If I'm not on my game and have no idea what dinner will be for the over-5 crowd, Samuel will usually have dinner with them.  I can prepare him something easy while I appease them with puffs.  Dinner for the twins consists of a veggie and a fruit mixed with organic whole grain oatmeal cereal.

5:30 pm  Bath time for all three kids.  This doesn't happen every night but now that it's summer and hot as blazes, I feel they all need a good bath at the end of the day! I run Samuel's bath and get him settled while the twins play in their cribs.  We are still using the Puj tub for the babies and I LOVE it.  We have a deep bathtub and it's a little hard for me to lift..ahem..Holden out being that he's 21 lbs and all.  Yes.  That's right.  21 lbs.  Sooo, we do the Puj in the sink and it still works great.  I bathe one baby at a time, take him/her back to the nursery, "jammie" him/her up, switch babies and repeat.  The mobile still keeps them occupied for the time being.

6:00 pm  I leave the babies upstairs while I come downstairs to make bottles for bedtime.  They get their bottles around 6:15-6:30 and are out like lights by 7:00pm.  My husband gets home around 6:15 and he feeds one baby in our room and I feed the other baby in the rocker in the nursery.  Samuel usually watches a show or plays with his toys in his bedroom during this time. 

7:00 pm  Lights out!  The babies are sleeping straight through the night until morning with the exception of a paci replacement here and there. We fought hard for this and I'd be happy to share what we did to make this happen if anyone is interested. 

Finally, after the twins are asleep, Samuel has "mom/dad" time from 7-8 every night until his bedtime.  I usually head to bed around 10-10:30 and completely crash out! Then, we start all over. :)

Overall, I feel like our days are getting easier everyday.  The twins are really developing their personalities and it's fun to see them start to interact with each other and with big brother. 

Top 5 Favorites at 6-months-old:

1.)  Baby Brezza Formula Pro- possibly the best find ever if you are a formula feeder!

2.)  Puj bathtub- I know they will be growing out of this soon but I still LOVE it!

3.)  Podee bottles- check them out.  They are awesome!

4.)  Halo sleepsacks

5.)  Marc Jacobs Pretty Nylon Knapsack- I searched long and hard while pregnant to find the perfect diaper bag for the twins.  I bought two bags..a Mia Bossi bag and a Vera Bradley bag.  While I love both, now that the twins are older I realized that a backpack would be super beneficial so I could be totally hands free.  This bag has deep pockets on the side for bottles and TONS of space inside.  Definitely a fav for this stage!  And I can carry it later because it's not a diaper bag!

Thanks for reading!


If you have any questions for Ashley, CLICK HERE to send her an email!  You can also visit her blog, Our Happy Life.  :)

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Twin Birth Story: Amanda Joiner

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Name: Amanda Joiner

Where do you currently live? Richmond, Texas 

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Twisted Tanks | Giveaway

I'm a sucker for fashion.  I've become an even bigger sucker {no, like HUGE} since Parker and Jolie came along.  The accessory options for these children is out of control.  If only I had unlimited funds. 

If only.. 

Jordan {the hubby} feels the same about dressing the girls. I'm being serious, ladies... I can always trust him to leave the house with the girls appropriately dressed and accessorized.  I actually think Parker and Jolie would remind him if he "forgot."  We don't leave the room after getting dressing in the morning without a bow or wrap.  

I'm not sure if he obliges to my 'requirements' out of fear... or if he really enjoys it.  He knows when he leaves the house without me I am 100% likely to ask him to snap a picture.  

No wonder my children refuse to look at the camera 67% of the time. 

They know what it means to drive me cray.
I digress.

When shopping for the littles I'm down for the sale, coupons, discounts (always, always, always ask if the retailer offers a twin discount.) and always shop for the most reasonable price.  The greatest reciprocation of this 'discount' is honored by small business owners.


While I love and adore small businesses- I have too many to share the love with.  You see, Instagram (@masseya, @meredith_haynes, & don't forget @twintalkblog) has become this awesome, yet crazy dangerous place. Awesome because I have stumbled upon so many fantastic small businesses, and crazy dangerous because I have found so many fantastic small businesses. 

See my (fantastic) problem?
Small businesses are amazing.  They pour their time and energy into creating unique and one-of-a-kind pieces for you, your little birds, or home.  The canvas is white for them and I love that I can get things I haven’t seen on 50 other babelets in my IG feed or across the way at the playground.  I love the compliments I get on the fun accessories and clothing my girls wear, and what's more is I love  I’m helping someone (most often another momma) who is working hard for a living and working that creative brain of hers.  
A lot of the shops I have found and follow are run by fellow mommies, and it amazes me how creative and inspiring they are. I only wish to be half as creative as some of these women.  
When Meredith and I came together with ideas for Twin Talk Blog, we 100% agreed on one thing.  
Support other moms - other moms, just like us.  
Today we bring you a super fun giveaway, courtesy of Amanda of Twisted Tanks    
A mom.  Just like us.


Amanda is a twin momma herself, and by public support of her precious creativity through Instagram friends (@amanda.robertson) she took the leap to start Twisted Tanks.  I have followed Amanda on IG since she was pregnant with her 15 month boy/girl twins (Max & Avery) and jumped at the chance to get my hands on a couple of these when she posted them to her feed.  Comfy and cute casual wear for Parker and Jolie.  If you follow me on IG, you've definitely seen me post the girls in them more than once- My girls and I were matchy matchy over the July 4th weekend, and I have a neon tank to match their neon tanks (again, picture fail). Meredith and Sloaney wear their tanks well (and I'm super jealous of all that sweetness in those pictures above...)

Amanda has figured this casual cute thing out - and it is totally unisex.  The bow in the back is removable, and she can do any style you have in mind!  Which is why we are super excited that Amanda is willing to share her Twisted Tanks with our Twin Talk readers! 

Enter below for your chance to win TWO Twisted Tanks
Contest will run through Thursday, July 17th at 12:00AM CST. 
Winner will be announced on Friday with the Twin Birth Story.

Good Luck!

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Twin Birth Story: Kim Gipson

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Name: Kim Gipson

Where do you currently live? Katy, Texas 

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Day in the Life: 5 Months

Our "Day in the Life" series continues with Nicki's five-month-old twins! 

Hello all ☺ My name is Nicki and my husband’s name is Nick…we like to keep it simple for ya! We got married in March 2011. We knew we wanted to add to our family soon after the wedding so we began trying in May’ish 2011. We are pretty young so we weren’t trying too hard to begin with. We thought it would happen pretty quickly. Next thing we knew, 6 months had gone by and then a year! At this point we started to take more drastic measures to make this happen.

Let me back up for a second…we have a 6-year-old son. His name is Camdon and he is truly a joy! When I got pregnant with him, it wasn’t intentional. It happened though and he changed both of our lives the moment he came into this world, for the better ☺ 

Okay, so we began to see an infertility specialist, who happens to be AMAZING!! Hands down, he is the most kind and caring man I have ever come across, especially, when it comes to doctors. You’re not just another patient to him. He takes his time and works 7 days a week, 24/7, literally! He never once made me feel like a burden and I was in his office ALL THE TIME. And I’m just one of the many, many women he sees. His staff is also amazing. To them, there really is no such thing as a stupid question. Even if he wasn’t able to help us make our dream come true, I would still only have positive things to say about him. Okay, okay I know this isn’t a review on my doctor, where was I? …

It was May 2012 when we started to see him and right away he found some issues that needed attention before we could move forward. I had a teratoma dermoid cyst on one of my ovaries. Within a week, I was in the OR having it removed by the fertility specialist. Once I healed, we had other testing done, for the both of us. There weren’t any other issues found that would prevent a pregnancy. We started on clomid and HCG shots first. After a few months, the doctor upped my dosage on clomid, but still, nothing. Every week felt like a month and every month, a year. The days were long and it was disappointment after disappointment. After about 8 or 9 cycles of clomid and HCG, we all decided it was best to move on. We chose to take the IVF route. On our first (and only) attempt, we transferred 2 five-day blastocyst and well, they both implanted and resulted in 2 beautiful, healthy baby boys! (Side note, we didn’t transfer 2 because we wanted or didn’t want twins. We wanted the highest possible chance of getting pregnant and with my age, we could transfer 1-2. There was no guarantee that both or even one would implant. We made our decision and the rest was up to God.) 

They were born on January 08, 2014, 1 minute apart, via C-section, which was scheduled when I was 37 weeks, 1 day. Their names are Easton Ryan and Warren Carter and they are the perfect additions to our family. Easton weighed 5lbs, 1oz and Warren was 5lbs, 14oz. Thank God, the boys didn’t have to spend any time in the nicu and we all went home within a few days. 

For the first 3 months, I breastfed and pumped exclusively. I was so thrilled to have more than enough supply to never need a drop of supplementing. This was not easy, I NEED to add. It is by far the hardest thing I have ever had to do in my life. I was mentally prepared my entire pregnancy to breastfeed though so I was determined. Both boys seemed abnormally gassy, Easton had troubles latching, they were tearing me to shreds! & Easton was also super fussy, like colicky fussy. At 3 months old, my husband and I decided it was best to try a “gentle” formula. With breastfeeding, we tried gas drops and “soothe” drops for colic babies to try and solve the problems but nothing seemed to get better. We started with Similac Sensitive and that didn’t go well. We then tried Enfamil Gentlease and that seemed to help some. We kept both boys on this until 20 weeks old. Easton was still so so so fussy! It was some of the longest nights and days of my life. I felt awful because he wasn’t happy and as his mother, I just wanted to make whatever it was making him unhappy go away, but I couldn’t figure it out. After talking to a friend about his symptoms (fussy, gas, eczema), I learned about an even more gentle formula called Enfamil Nutramigen. It’s for babies with a cow’s milk allergy. I sent my husband to go get this the very night I was informed of it. 

We started it right away and I kid you not, my baby has never been happier. He changed drastically within 24 hours! It makes me feel bad because I was feeding him all this “dairy”, whether it was the breast milk or formula. I am just glad we figured it out when we did and not have Easton live his first year the same as the first 20 weeks. Now that we know he has sensitivity to cow’s milk and it wasn’t just the breast milk, I wish I had continued to nurse Warren. There was a big part of me though that felt like that wouldn’t be fair to Easton. One, I didn’t want to spend more time with Warren than Easton and two, I didn’t want to have a different bond with one over the other. So now they are both bottle fed formula, the two different kinds, but once Warren hits 6 months, I plan to feed him the frozen milk I was able to store up when I was nursing, I want to wait until his tummy can tolerate a little bit more before I switch things up on him.

A day in the life at our house, well, to be honest, no 2 days are the same. I’ll start by saying that. I am a stay at home Momma and my husband is a superintendent building custom homes. He works from 7am-6pm most of the time and every 3rd Saturday, at least. So during the day, it’s just my boys and me! Most days during the week, I go to the gym (but on this particular day I happened to not go). But between Nick playing softball and Camdon playing baseball and the gym, we definitely stay busy…not to mention we also have twins ☺ 

An average day goes something like this:

3:40 AM: Easton wakes up fussing in his crib, which is in the bedroom the twins share. I change his wet diaper. He eats 5oz. I burp him and he falls asleep on my chest and is back in his crib by 4:10 AM. 

4:00 AM: Warren wakes up fussing in his crib and Dadda gets up with him, changes his wet diaper, feeds him 5oz. He burps and lays down in the twin boppy while Nick cleans bottles. Warren falls asleep in the meantime and Nick moves him to his bed by 4:30 AM. 

7:00 AM- Nick leaves for work

9:30 AM- Easton and Warren both wake up in their cribs. Camdon also wakes up at this time. I change Easton’s dirty diaper and make 5oz bottles for both boys.  Easton eats 4oz and Warren ate the entire 5oz. I feed them in their twin boppy. I burp Easton first and then Warren. They are done eating by 10:00 AM. 

By 10:05 AM, I have boys in their bumbo seats to play a little while working on some hand eye coordination at the same time.

I clean bottles, make Camdon a bowl of cereal and drink some coffee and eat a banana. 

10:40 AM: I was trying to pay some bills while the boys were occupied playing when I realized I was out of stamps. I called my youngest sister, who is 13 and lives with my parents 5 minutes down the road, to ask if I could come get her so she could sit in the car with the boys while I ran into the store to grab stamps. She said she would ☺ shew! It could have been a lot of work carrying them into the store just to get one thing at the counter! I load all 3 boys up, picked my sister up, got gas and then stamps. I dropped my sister back off and was back home by 11:30 AM. 

Both boys were still awake when we got home so I put them in the stroller at 11:35 AM and walked down to the mailbox to mail some bills. It’s also nice to let Camdon get out as much as possible. With the summer just beginning, we are still working on him being home all day long, versus being at school. 

11:40 AM: Easton fell asleep. That was quick! We go across the street to visit Granny for a few mins. 

11:50 AM: Walking back home and Warren falls asleep. 

12:00 PM: We get home and I put Easton in his crib. He wakes up but lies quietly in his crib until he falls back asleep. I discover Warren’s dirty diaper and have to wake him to change him. 

12:10 PM: Both boys are in their beds, awake but quiet. 

12:15 PM: I make beds, straighten up the house some, do some laundry, make lunch for Camdon and myself and relax! 

By 12:30 PM, both boys are good and asleep.  

Every time the boys sleep, whether it’s a nap during the day or for bed at night, I try to put them in their rooms. I feel like by doing this every time, they learn that its time to sleep rather than putting up a fight. I have been doing this with them since they were about 2.5 months old. Prior to, boys slept in separate bassinets in our bedroom. As they sleep in their room, a few things are consistent: they always have the same nightlight on if its dark, a fan is always on when they sleep and the same music plays..over and over. It’s Dave Matthews Band lullabies. A friend told me about this and they’ve been listening to it as they sleep ever since. I wish I had gotten it earlier!

3:05 PM: Both boys start to stir. I grab them both out of their cribs and put them in the twin boppy. I make them 5oz bottles and off to another feeding. They finish all of their bottles,  I burp them, change their wet diapers and let them hang out in just their diapers for a bit. 

3:35 PM: Boys play on their playmats…rolling over and grabbing their toes 

In the meantime, I get the diaper bag packed and ready to go for the next outing! Camdon gets his shower and is ready for baseball practice that is later this evening. I “freshen up” myself…let’s be honest, I don’t get a shower every single day. 

4:00 PM: I dress boys and allow them to practice sitting up briefly, with some help from their big brother ☺ 

4:10 PM: I put boys in their exersaucer’s. They love these things! Not only do they have a blast playing with the variety of toys but they are working on their hand-eye coordination and strengthen the muscles in their legs as well. 

4:35 PM: I put boys in stroller once again for another stroll on this nice day. We make our way back to Granny’s for another quick visit! (She loves our company just as much as we love hers.)  

5:35 PM: Back home and boys go in their cribs for their late afternoon nap

During this time, I bring the monitor outside with me so I can hear the boys if they wake up and I help Camdon practice by throwing and hitting some baseballs. 

6:00 PM: Nick gets home from work and he takes over practicing with Camdon and I go inside to prepare dinner. 

6:20 PM: Both boys begin to fuss and are ready to come out and greet their Dadda! They sit in their bumbo chairs on the counter and play with Dadda while I continue to make dinner.  Once prepared, Camdon eats before his baseball practice. 

6:35 PM: I feed Warren some baby food and then Nick changes his wet diaper.  I change Easton’s wet diaper at the same time. 

6:45 PM: I leave with boys for Camdon’s baseball practice and Nick has 2 softball games this evening so he heads there.

7:10 PM: Easton eats 3oz. I don’t know why he only ate 3oz. Maybe he was too busy checking everything out at the ball field or maybe it was the distraction of everyone else checking him out. But, he only wanted 3oz and was content with that. 

7:30 PM: Warren eats 4oz. Again, this isn’t like him but he was content. 

7:45 PM-8:30 PM: More “sit up” time as Camdon continues to practice with his team playing baseball. This time, it’s in their car seats that are snapped into the stroller. There was a bit of an obstacle for them as I walked around and it was harder for them to keep their balance.  

8:30 PM: I change Easton’s dirty diaper in the back of the jeep before we leave the ball field. 

This evening, Camdon is staying the night with his cousin (my sister’s) who lives nearby. The boys nap in their car seats from 8:45PM-9:10PM when we  arrive back home after dropping Camdon off. Warren fell asleep willingly and Easton cried for a few minutes until he fell asleep. 

9:15 PM: Boys are still tired but awake, which I want them to be for now, so I have them relax and watch some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. 

We record Mickey Mouse Clubhouse for the boys. Some might frown upon this but seriously, if it gives me 10 minutes of “momma time” to do whatever it is I have to do, I’ll take it. I hadn’t eaten yet (I just made dinner so everyone else could eat) and I needed to. We don’t let them watch it in excess. And they seriously love the show. I still remember the first time I discovered this. The Disney channel was on from something Camdon was watching and when Warren first heard Mickey’s voice, his eyes lit up and he chuckled, an actual chuckle. It was darling. They love all the high and low pitch voices and the bright contrast colors! I had heard from friends that young babies like the show…I guess who wouldn’t?! 
9:30 PM: Bath time! I give boys a bath every single night. It is part of their bedtime routine. I bathed Easton first on this particular night. He is a very picky eater when it comes to baby food. He is picky about not only what he eats but when and where. He seems to like eating in the bath so that’s where his meal comes in! Whatever works.  

I bathe Warren next. 

Every night after I bathe the boys, I give them a massage. I massage Easton with grapeseed oil (for his eczema) and Warren with Johnson’s nighttime lotion. Nick is amazed at how content the boys remain as I rub them. He says “they just lay there and let you do it”. It’s so relaxing to them and gets them nice and relaxed for bedtime. 

10:15 PM: Nick and I cuddle with the boys and hang out, catch up on some of our own TV shows and of course Instagram ☺ …until it’s time for their last bottle of the night. 

10:30 PM: We make 4oz bottles for the boys, burp them and in their cribs they go for the next few hours. 

2:35 AM: Both boys wake up fussing. They each eat 5oz, we change wet diapers and we are all back in our own beds by 3:00 AM. 

Both boys remain asleep until 8:00 AM when the next day begins ☺ 

Like I said before, no 2 days are the same. How boring would that be! We don’t have perfect babies and we aren’t perfect parents. But to one another, we are the best things we could possibly ask for! I am so thankful for all of my boys. I couldn’t pay for a better big brother than Camdon or a better husband than Nick. Easton and Warren are well worth our long wait to have a baby…even better, we got babies! We all learn something new everyday and there is always room for improvements in every aspect. I thank God every day for the life He has blessed me with. His plan is far better than my own. I look back on my pregnancy and look at my boys and realize what a true miracle it is that I carried them as they developed for 37 weeks!

My family brings me so much joy every single day and I am so happy I got to share one of those days with all of you! 


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