Thursday, June 12, 2014

Summer Fun Ideas For Twins

School is officially out (wahoo!) and there are A LOT of hours during the day that need to be filled.  Fortunately, Carly contacted us and asked if she could share some fun, inexpensive teaching ideas.  We happily obliged and are excited to try the adorable projects she shared below!


Hello Twin Talk Readers!! My name is Carly Leen and I LOVE being a twin mom! Aidan and Evan turn three this August (it still does not feel real even typing it!) and I am a full-time Kindergarten teacher. I have been very grateful to stay at home with them the last three years but this fall I go back to a profession and job I love and treasure! I started 2 Bears and Counting to bring educational and fun ideas and finds to families and friends.  Follow us on our adventures!  I hope these ideas will inspire and engage your twins for tons of summer fun!
The temps are rising, and summer is officially here! After the loooooong winter we had here in Michigan we sure are ready to be outside, getting some Vitamin D and fresh air! With kids out of school and little ones, I know some parents can struggle to come up with ideas to do every day. One thing I have learned is some of the best activities for your children can be found with items around the house or using your natural surroundings! I hope these ideas encourage you to get out and play!

If you've been following me, you know how I LOVE my hand print art! Summer, of course, has the cutest ways to spark some summer fun into your home or office!

I've had my twin toddler boys for three summers now and I know first hand how the days can get long and exhausting if they get bored… so here are a few hands-on ideas to do at different ages!

Noodle Play! At this age I know everything goes into the mouth so make sure you are supervising closely but here I just placed a blanket outside and placed some noodles, cookie jar shapes, and a few cars into a cooking pan.  They loved it!

Track Prints using Shaving Cream:  My boys love trucks (I know, don’t they all?) so we used an old box, shaving cream, a few of their favorite trucks, and let them go to town! It’s a great sensory activity and helps with fine motor skills.  We also talked about our senses.

Easel Painting: Bring your little Picasso outside! Place an old tablecloth under the easel and let them paint their own masterpiece! Here we used neon paints to really get into the summer mode! (Crayola)

Letter Hunt:  I used colored rice (recipe on my Facebook site) and I put magnet letters in the bin. We took it outside and went on a hunt for letters! An extension could be for your child to spell words when they find the letters!

When all else fails, bake a summer treat or a splash pool is always a summer winner! (Ocean Play Pool found at Walmart)

 More Activity Suggestions:
  • Bring a blanket outside and a few favorite story books
  • Chalk Drawing: draw shapes and have them name them, practice letter writing or their ABC's
  • Go on a walk/adventure; use toilet paper rolls for binoculars and search for treasures!
  • Hand them a bucket with water and some old paintbrushes and have them “paint” the house! (An old favorite)
  • Watercolor in spray bottles: hang or lay paper down and have them “spray paint.” Great for fine motor skills!
I will be sharing TONS of ideas this summer as we play and enjoy all the sunshine we can get! Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram (@2bearsandcounting) for the latest posts and suggestions!


Thanks so much for the wonderful suggestions, Carly! If you have any questions for Carly, CLICK HERE to email her!  What other summer fun ideas do you guys have?

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