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Meeting Other Moms {of Multiples}

We get LOTS of questions and comments about meeting other mothers of multiples, how to get connected and stay connected, and building that support group we have found to be incredibly helpful in this journey of motherhood with twins.  We {Meredith and Amber} have a solid foundation of friendship with four other local women and could not ask for anything more.  The constant texting stream, sharing of pictures and videos, encouragement, complaints, and most of all, some really fun times, have made this journey so much sweeter.  And did I mention we all met thanks to social media (personal blogs and Instagram)? 

Once a month we make sure to plan a play-date... without the kiddos.. just the mommas. 

See our most recent (and first) weekend 'stay-cation' over at Amber's blog HERE!

Motherhood is fun, but not perfect, and doing it with multiples is hard (and fun).  However, with a strong support system it can be less stressful and the most amazing experience of your life. 

Ann Marie {twin girls: Hadley and Layton}, President of her local Moms of Multiples group, and sweet friend we are doing life with {she is among the text stream mentioned earlier} is here to chat about getting connected with other moms in your area.  

As a mom of multiples, I have found that friendships with other mommas (multiples or not) have made this new lifestyle for me and my girls easier when we have a full schedule. 
Just a little back ground about me. 
I was that girl in college who loved being involved in campus organizations, including a busy sorority life! I was on the go ALL. THE. TIME! Little did I know, God was prepping me for this on-the-go life style! When we found out we were expecting twins, I knew immediately that I was going to need support. Not only did I need it from my family and loved ones, but I knew I was going to need it from friends as well.  Whether you are a mom to one or multiples we need support on this journey, no matter how many we have tugging at our pant legs on a daily basis. 

When we found out we were expecting, I looked into what opportunities would be available for our twins. I found some great organizations!

  • AMAMOM. (Allen/McKinney Area Mothers of Multiples): These meetings are in the evening, so this works great for the working twin mom. It’s a group strictly designed for mothers of multiples. They have great guest speakers, dinners together, play dates, holiday parties for the children, Moms Nights Out and lots more! (To find your local moms of multiples group, CLICK HERE and enter your zip code in the "Find a Club" section on the right.)
  • MOPS. (Mothers of Preschoolers) Expecting –Kindergarten aged children MOPS has a Christian based children’s program for children and then the Moms gather for fellowship, crafts, amazing speakers, coffee, and girl talk! Coffee, I’m in! The twins are able to play with other children their age in a safe environment twice a month, while I enjoy mommy time. This has been so refreshing for my soul. And the twins enjoy playing with the friends in their class. If you happen to live in the Frisco/McKinney/Plano/Allen area- come join me at either of these two great organizations. (To find your local MOPS group, CLICK HERE.)
Dads can get involved too, ya know!

Both of these organizations, a Mommy Bible Study that I am involved in at our church, Hope Fellowship, and my group of wonderful girlfriends (some who have children and some who don’t) have been a lifesaver for me. These girls have provided meals, childcare support, girls night out, sweet cards, words of wisdom, and phone calls of support. 

We have 12 kids under the age of two. Just saying..

Not only that.. but our kiddos are forced into arranged marriages, friendships, and bath time.  
All important things of motherhood, you know. ;)

So…get involved, ladies! Get out of your home, get some fresh air, and step out of your comfort zone!  I know those of us who are new to this motherhood ballgame may be thinking "How in the world can I find time to get involved when I don't even feel like I can take a shower on a daily basis?"  Please do not be discouraged.  

We've ALL been there. 

I once read the following advice and loved it.
Ask yourself two questions…

Will these activities/outings…
bring you joy?
bring your child joy?

If so, jump on board.

Serving your children and their needs are what makes you an amazing MOM! Serving yourself is also very important. Sometimes you just need some space to breathe. Space to sit and drink a cup of coffee - or take a shower. Space to feel encouraged and that what you are doing matters.  This is where the support system comes in.

All in all, keep hugging, kissing, diapering, nursing, cleaning, washing and trusting in God. He gave you those beautiful little ones. Don’t be afraid to get out there and meet new mommas, join play dates, get involved and mostly, feel supported by other women who are going through what you are going through.  

Feel free to reach out to me as I would love to help you get connected in any of these groups or help you find one near you!!
Email Ann Maire HERE

In Him, Ann Marie

Share life with Ann Marie over at her blog {HERE} and her Instagram {@annmariet2}

In support of connecting other moms of multiples in your area, we have decided to do a

Follow us on Instagram {@twintalkblog} and starting TODAY {9AM CST} we will be sharing a state each hour (alphabetically), encouraging shout-outs from other moms of multiples in that area.  We will be doing this for 5 days in hopes of connecting you to other women to do life with.  We cannot stress enough the importance of being involved!  The support system that will grow will {hopefully} last a lifetime.  Plan twin play-dates, meet for coffee, family dinners - and we would LOVE for you to share these connections!  Don't forget to tag us on Instagram and feel free to email us pictures that we can share on the blog of your multiples momma support!

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See the original announcement HERE
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