Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Top 10: Maternity Edition

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1.  Greek Yogurt.  It was the middle of my 2nd trimester when I figured out that I couldn't eat much at all before I felt miserably full.  Not to mention I really had an aversion to meat altogether.  So, the biggest thing for me was making sure I got enough protein in my diet. Protein is the building block of development and tissue production, so I wanted to make sure I was getting enough!  Carrying twins you need 175-200 grams of protein/day.  SERIOUSLY. I couldn't believe that either and there was no way I was getting that on a daily basis without being proactive in my focus on high quality protein foods.  I probably ate 3 or 4 (..or 5..) Greek yogurts a day.  Often I would mix in a scoop of protein powder so I was getting 15 grams from the yogurt and another 25 grams or so from the powder.  
2.  Coconut Body Butter. While there is no cure-all for preventing stretch marks (they are hereditary) one thing is for sure, your belly is being stretched to the max! remember having severely dry skin on my stretched belly and I didn't realize the severity of it until the nurse was hooking me up for one of my many stress-tests throughout my pregnancy.  She made a comment about my poor dry belly.  I got halfway embarrassed when I looked down to see the sloughing skin (gross, yes, I know this.)  I used lotion and body butter religiously throughout my entire pregnancy.  Soothed the dry, itchy, stretched skin.  I also loved using coconut oil, too!
3.  Starbucks Insulated Tumbler.  This was my right-hand man during my pregnancy and has continued to come in handy since having the girls.  Water/fluid intake is so important while pregnant and I give 100% credit to my hydration being the reason why I never swelled.  I was able to wear my wedding rings to d-day (delivery day).  The tumbler with a lid makes it easy to reach and the insulation feature helps with those drippy drips that inevitably fall from a normal cup.  Plus- drinking out of a fun cup or water bottle makes it easier to ensure I'm getting enough to drink.
4.  Gap Pure Body Tanks & Tees.  I have them in every single color!  The perfect form fit around a growing belly and I am happy to report that I wore them all the way to the end without having my twin belly peek out from the bottom. Confession: I wore them as nursing tops post-pregnancy because of their stretch and re-shapability. 
5.  Under Belly Panels.  Freeeeedom.   After purchasing a pair (and the only pair) of full-panel maternity pants, I decided never again.  I felt like I was suffocating.  I'm not sure if it was the Texas heat of the summer or the fact that I had baby limbs taking up 43% of my lung space, but I was so uncomfortable with the full panel pants.  The under belly panels (in denim, slacks, and leggings) made all the difference in comfort for me.  

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1. OluKai Paniolo Flip Flops  I love fashion.  I adore beautiful shoes.  These?  Are not either.  But they are hands down the best flip flops I've ever owned.  They allow room for swollen feet, yet still offer great support. If you are pregnant during the summer, you need these shoes (I chose the color "Dune").  And they look perfectly fine with maternity cut-off shorts (the runner-up to my top 5).  
2.  Snoogle.  The pillow that needs no introduction.  I don't know about singleton pregnanices, but this is an absolute MUST in twin pregnancies.  In the beginning it supported my back.  Near the end, it supported my belly.  It's a bit of a pain when you're getting in and out of bed 40+ times a night to use the bathroom (I got tangled several times and had to be rescued by Michael), but I still think it's a pregnant woman's best friend.  Warning: Your husband will get jealous of the time you spend snuggling your Snoogle.  This too shall pass.
3.  Aveda Blue Oil Concentrate  I have pretty intense headaches quite regularly, most likely due to dehydration (where was Amber's tumbler when I needed it?).  Saying goodbye to Aleve for nine months was tougher than I thought (and let's be honest, Tylenol is worthless).  I would rub this on my temples and in between my eyes, close to my sinuses.  While it didn't always cure my headaches, it made them bearable.  A tiny bottle lasts forever and smells amazing.
4.  Burt's Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter  I used this belly butter throughout my pregnancy and really liked it.  While I know there are plenty of options out there, this one worked well for me. When your skin is completely stretched to the max (and then you realize you still have 8 weeks to go), it's nice to have something to soothe your poor skin.
5.  Boxers. There is a point in your twin pregnancy when nothing (I repeat: nothing) will fit.  When you reach this point, go to your husband's dresser and grab a pair of his boxers.  I waited far too long to discover this gem, but once I did it became a staple in my (at-home) wardrobe.  Boxers will not make you feel sexy, but when you're carrying two watermelons I'm not sure "sexy" is a key factor in decision-making. If you really want to stick it to the Fashion Gods, wear the boxers and flip flops at the same time.

Thanks to everyone who told us their maternity favorites.  Take a look!

Motherhood Maternity yoga pants
Hanky Panky underwear
Old Navy maternity fold-over skirts, dresses, yoga pants, and rib-knit tanks
GAP leggings
Lululemon wunder under pants
Boden maternity leggings
Target Beband and maternity seamless camisoles

Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Twins by by Marc Weissbluth M.D
When You're Expecting Twins, Triplets, or Quads by Barbara Luke
Mothering Multiples by Karen Kerkhoff Gromada

Aveeno Baby Eczema Therapy
Heating pad
Trader Joes Coconut Body Butter

This Friday we're featuring our first Twin Birth Story!  We'll give you a hint: It's one of us.

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  1. I am 17 weeks pregnant with twin girls, and I am so thankful for your blog! It couldn't have come at a better time for me. I just pulled out my maternity clothes today, and am going to really look into some of your recommendations on here. Thanks again for starting this blog!

  2. I wish I would have known about those Gap tanks while I was pregnant! nd a big, fat YES to the snooze! I didn't use mine during my singleton pregnancy but it was a MUST for my twin pregnancy!

  3. The snoogle is definitely necessary is a singleton pregnancy too! One of my favorite purchases!! :)

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